Something is Terribly Wrong! Laugh Girl is Silent  

travelingintexas 41M
8/16/2005 7:59 pm
Something is Terribly Wrong! Laugh Girl is Silent

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Rush (And for my life can't remember the name arggggg

OK.... Laugh Girl walked in, squealed like something out of Deliverance a couple of times and then has grown amazingly silent ever since. I wonder if she is feeling ok. Amazing. I now have such an affection for laugh girl. Although I like her better when she is sitting acros the room and silent. It's almost refreshing...

Hmmmmmm.... SHe isn't as much fun when shes not making crazy demon noises. I almost miss her. Almost!

AH HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA There she goes! Shounds like a monkey with its tail caught in a chainsaw! Thats the Laugh Girl I have missed...... OOOOOOOOOO A gerbil..... in a blender? No not a blender.... More caught in a squeaky wheel...... Hmmmmmm GRRRRRRRRRRR

Geez Its not that funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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