San Antonio Here I Come!!!  

travelingintexas 41M
10/24/2005 1:31 pm
San Antonio Here I Come!!!

Just got a call from a firm in San Antonio. So I am heading to San Antonio tommorow morning for an interview for a position in Houston! Wish me luck!


slidein2meplz 61F
1994 posts
10/24/2005 5:42 pm

Good luck Trav...go get 'em!{=}

~~~ Just me, poppin to say HI! ~~

rm_Elysia2005 43F
412 posts
10/24/2005 7:13 pm

Best of luck, dear one... Sending good energy your way... Remember, one of the best things to ask at an interview, when they ask you if you have any questions, is "Why do YOU think this is a good place to work?" (or something along those lines, perhaps phrased better)


rm_TexanTiT4u 42F
13 posts
10/24/2005 7:15 pm

Much luck to you, my dear TiT!

watchmesquirm 45F  
99 posts
10/24/2005 7:25 pm

Good luck (you won't need it)!


mnfun952 102M

10/24/2005 7:50 pm

Good Luck!

I hope you become a Spurs fan....


mnfun952 102M

10/24/2005 7:50 pm

oh wait... for a job in Houston?? ahhh ok, well ummm Go Astros!!

tillerbabe 55F

10/24/2005 8:22 pm

Good Luck sweetie! Go get em'! {=}

Sweetest_Sin_Jes 36F

10/24/2005 8:37 pm

*Dons cheerleading uniform, grabs megaphone and shouts:


*procedes to do some flips and stuff that cheerleaders do (hehe) then does this cheer:

"I said you've gotta
You've gotta
You've gotta be a Trav fan
He's better than the best
He'll beat the rest
You've gotta be a Trav fan"


*Jumps up and down some more doing assorted flips and stuff then goes over to kiss the man of the hour saying:


Good luck sweetie! SMOOCH!


rm_luke69iner 48M
3275 posts
10/24/2005 9:41 pm

Own that interview Trav

That job is yours

S'io credesse che mia risposta fosse
A persona che mai tornasse al mondo,
Questa fiamma staria senza piu scosse.
Ma perciocche giammai di questo fondo
Non torno vivo alcun, s'i'odo il vero,
Senza tema d'infamia ti rispondo

SibylBatchAxile 43M
384 posts
10/24/2005 10:12 pm

Good luck TnT!

And by the way, I couldn't trace the post you left me on my blog, but I am certainly in..

Bring on The Bachelorette!

bulging_boy 49M

10/24/2005 10:50 pm

Texas. This is mission control. You are cleared for landing. Final destination Houston. Landing lights are on. Repeat on.

Good luck Texas. Fingers are crossed. Repeat fingers *are* crossed

(Juan S)
2642 posts
10/24/2005 10:51 pm

Good luck Trav! Keep smiling...

AlbertPrince 57M

10/24/2005 11:20 pm

Good luck. Do you need luck?

AlbertPrince 57M

10/24/2005 11:42 pm

And I still can't find The Guys... We Need the Guys! but count me in.

barbiebunny 36F
5597 posts
10/25/2005 1:42 am

YAY go boy go!

Its good to be...ME

iwantsumfun76 40F

10/25/2005 2:36 am

Go into the interview with a positive frame of mine, thats what i did with the job i am in now and love it. Good luck

PrincessKarma 43F
6188 posts
10/25/2005 3:56 am


*hugs Trav* Good luck and hard work, sweetie I pray you get it.

The Big Bang was the mother of all orgasms.PrincessKarma

DefiniteTrouble 50F

10/25/2005 5:39 am

Good Luck Bro! I was hoping you'd be placed in San the Riverwalk. Ew...the Spurs? Ew. At least Houston has Brady's Landing...fabulous food...and it's also home to my favorite little toy store. I'll be visiting. You've been warned.

blushingtigger 46F

10/25/2005 7:21 am

I am so excited for you! I think that you will blow all of the competition out of the water- I mean with the great smile, no nonsense attitude and such charisma, they would be fools not to hire you on the spot!
I will be thinking of you and pray that it will work out the way it is supposed to!

Good Luck and travel safely my friend!

_CoffeeNoCream_ 52F

10/25/2005 7:43 am

Go get them !!
Just know that they don't know how to play baseball there

CWS !!!

__Huntress__ 55M/57F

10/25/2005 12:39 pm

Mwwwwwaaaaaaaaahhhhhh ! Best of luck ... go get e'm !


__Huntress__ 55M/57F

10/25/2005 12:40 pm

Mwwwwwaaaaaaaaahhhhhh ! Best of luck ... go get 'em!


madkitten 53F
291 posts
10/25/2005 12:53 pm

Good Luck Trav, hope you get the job and it turns out to be everything your looking for.

dranba 39F

10/25/2005 1:16 pm

Best of luck to you! Just win them over with your natural wit and charm!

AmberSolaire 42M

10/25/2005 3:48 pm

starts singing Venga boys "?Χ woa we going to Ibiza

good luck

Flavvy 55M
2 posts
10/26/2005 3:27 am

Awwww SWEET ! We need all the baby dolls we can get down here in Houston,seems most of the good girls are takin allready.Houston is a great place to be but the real fun is in the suburbs.You can't have a good winter party unless you have some land out in the country.We have a party place about 20 miles southwest of Houston called Good Earth in thompson bottom.Catwoman is regularly seen there and we all fear her shadows but she can bring a party to life because everyone is on their toes,we light the fires in her honor and pray she isn't hungry.humph urban legends never seem to fade.

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