Reality TV Comes To Blogland! Vote Now!  

travelingintexas 41M
10/20/2005 1:45 pm
Reality TV Comes To Blogland! Vote Now!

Background Music:
Crappy Reality TV Show Theme Music

Alright… Here is the deal. We are going to have the online version of “The Bachelorette.” Here is what we need to do. We need to pick One Woman (must be willing to play) from Blogland and Six men (Must be willing to play also.)

Here is what I am thinking. The woman must pick her favorites from different competitions that we design. (Need ideas on competitions.) On the honor system, the contestants and the woman picked to play may not have any communication offline during the competition.

So what do you say guys? Give me your thoughts? Give me your ideas? Pick your players! Players if you are voted, let us know if you are willing! Need idea for competitions. If you give an idea for a competition, make sure you first vote for 1 woman and 6 men. You can vote for yourself.

I want to make this a seduction game.

Did I mention that Evil Sgt Dickhead will be the MC for this event?

***Roars in Laugher***

For those of you wondering about Spin the Bottle, because of the number of players, currently 60, it has turned into more of a interactive story. Please continue to be patient while I write it. Thank you! I did add those that wanted to be added or were late to the game.

spinmedown 49M
3626 posts
10/20/2005 2:37 pm

Do you think SickHooteredLady might be willing to play?

She did have to leave the safety of her island paradise to try to salvage her reputation here in blogland.
Make amends for the moment of carelessness that has caused her so much trouble and ask her to play.
As a gentleman, a Texan and a fine judge of buttermilk: it's the least you could do for her.

Most people are other people... FUCKING CHARACTER LIMIT!!! ~Oscar Wilde

rm_texasgal1978 45F
225 posts
10/20/2005 3:33 pm

OOOO OOOO I wanna play.. bring on the Blogland Bachelors

rm_Sgt_DickHead 42M
22 posts
10/20/2005 4:11 pm

Get out of my frigging way Trav!!!!!


This is Sgt. Dickhead speaking here. Sign yer happy asses up. Quit with this fooling around and place yer votes damnit. I haven't seen a group of such wussed out girl men and women since I was over at Bowties place last night and he tried to get frisky with my asshole. I promptly kicked his ass and left without a kiss.

Now you ass sucking varmints! Sign up damnit! We got a game to play!

tillerbabe 56F

10/20/2005 4:27 pm

I'll "play'..just tell me what you want me to do ! Oh...and for you! TiT: [post 122144]


tillerbabe 56F

10/20/2005 4:31 pm

Fucin' bugs! [post 122114]

ArgosPlumyKooky 45F
3902 posts
10/20/2005 5:46 pm

i'm game.aah. . . sighs lustfully. . . .

RailBaron2 54M

10/20/2005 6:17 pm

Sorry Trav, I'm not getting into this one I'm still recouperating from the LAST contest.

rm_saintlianna 45F
15466 posts
10/20/2005 6:32 pm

TILLER!!!!!!! oh please she would be perfect, if she doesnt like them she can beat the crap outta them.

bulging_boy 49M

10/20/2005 6:32 pm

I'm happy to be considered for the competition.

It's usually the only time people look at me

anchcpl4fun 40M/44F

10/20/2005 7:27 pm

I wanna play I WANNA PLAY!!!!

rm_Sgt_DickHead 42M
22 posts
10/20/2005 7:44 pm

Alright wusses and bigg wusses....

Current Voting
We gots:
-1 fer Texas Gal
-1 fer snatchmatch (Who the hell is snatch match.... Welcome... There I said it. Now get your ass in gear!)
-2 fer Tittybabe (I gots me something fer Titty girl too.)
-1 fer Sickhootered cuz Spinme's a sick fuck that votes fer imaginary friends.

For the Men we have:
-1 vote fer whatever the hell Bulging has bulging
-Rail baron blew his load so he's no good for another 6 weeks at least.
-SanitLiana cuz she has a man clit.

Lets go people... Cast your votes. We need some real men to show up. Men with spine and dicks bigger than a eraser pencil. Lord knows if any of these women get chosen they are gonna need it to even feel anything during a good romp.

hotnympho81 35F

10/20/2005 8:45 pm

Hey where did sgt.DickHeads pic go? He has such a happy smile that it made my whole day better when I saw it. I know....... he doesnt want his boyfriend to know he's looking for something a little extra lol.

tillerbabe 56F

10/20/2005 9:22 pm

I sent my votes to "Dickhead"....

-Ruddergirl..I mean Tittybabe...

tillerbabe 56F

10/20/2005 9:34 pm

....'sploding ass
....splooge boobs (it's PAINT you butt fister!!!!) eye

digdug41 49M

10/20/2005 9:42 pm

I vote for tillerbabe too!

roaming the cyber streets of blogland

rm_Sgt_DickHead 42M
22 posts
10/20/2005 10:38 pm

Bunch of Shit Gobblers every last one! Look lively Private Diggy Pants, your shirts all crooked. Did you just come out of a whore house boy?

Current Voting
We gots:
-1 fer Texas Gal (It's a good thing I am packing cuz this hottie is loose as a rubber band)
-1 fer Anch "I'm a slut" Fun
-1 fer snatchmatch (BTW, I am looking for some matching snatch. Run down and get me some and pick up some beer while your at it dahling)
-3 fer Tittybabe Spoogeface (Paint my ass. Thats 110% certified man goo from my rocket launcher. Go on, admit to your fans you walked like a penguin for days.)
-1 fer Sickhootered cuz Spinme's still a sick fuck that votes fer imaginary friends.
-1 fer barbiebunny, cuz whats a slut competition without sluts right?

For the Men we have:
-2 votes fer whatever the hell Bulging has bulging
-Rail baron blew his load so he's no good for another 6 weeks at least.
-SanitLiana cuz she has a man clit.
-1 Vote for pantsy boy in the bowtie that listens to that Manalow fag.
-1 Vote for HornyViking. If he can actually get his dick up. I caught him wanking it out behind the barracks earlier with a barbie doll he bought at a garage sale.
-1 Vote for TDA because, well, he is TDA.
-1 Vote for Sizzle because every body feels sorry for the midget and wants to watch him fuck.
-1 Vote for Cuteass guy... Cute ass? What the hell? is this guy a fairy? Nevermind, nevermind, don't ask dont tell right?
-1 Vote for 5er. Ha! He's so pussy whipped Id have a hard time imagining little Ms Fancy pants would even let him out of the house.
-1 Vote for Mnfun. Dont ask me. Is that the dude with his drawrs hanging down and shit? Oh good grief.
-1 Vote fer Keithcandome. Not me cuz I aint a fag. But he can do you cuz you are.
-1 vote fer Albert prince cuz he's a Brit and ya never know when we might need one of those to turn back the tide of Frenchies running away from the field of battle.
-1 Vote fer Trav cuz hes a pussy and needs to get laid.

HotNympho. I ain't got no boyfriends. Aint a butthole in the world large enough for my tank woman. However, I could show ya if ya wanna have some hot stinky sex with an unshowered first sgt with a cock the size of his forearm?

rm_Sgt_DickHead 42M
22 posts
10/20/2005 10:39 pm

Keep em coming in. Still need more votes you walking talking freaks o nature!

freakylipps 42F
5 posts
10/20/2005 11:46 pm

Seducation game?

Ok then count me in!

SickHooteredLady 42F
62 posts
10/20/2005 11:49 pm

I'm already playing a game, in a way. Several people have sent me e-mails, and it appears they think they know me. My proposal is to have the following six men guess (or attempt to guess) who I am:

1. travelingintexas of course, since it was you who beckoned me from my island paradise

2. spinmedown, because he asked so nicely

3. talldarkavg1, because he's so darned funny

4. dano6332, because he's a retired police officer and will keep you all in line

5. AmberSolaire, because we need someone from foreign soil. Plus he's also quite funny

6. bulging_boy if he hasn't already guessed who I am, and expatbrit if bulging_boy is excluded because he's the blog king.

tillerbabe 56F

10/21/2005 1:28 am

Ok shit....DICKHEAD!....You rocked my world! Made me Cum like a whale in heat!..I still can't walk! ( but if I tell everyone this....THEY will all "want" you....then, what will I do??????)

do you have my panties?

rm_luke69iner 48M
3275 posts
10/21/2005 1:54 am

got frisky with your ass ... not my fault that you sound like a woman Sgt Peckerhead ... i heard you singing "Mandy" and i got turned on ... my bad

i would vote for Saintli and FreeLove but they might get real pissed if I got them in another contest

how about Wetty and Mz Huny

add Bella too ... i owe for giving me the stripper name Puppy

hey there's my new dream girl on top of me ... mmmn

I Love You SickHooteredLady

S'io credesse che mia risposta fosse
A persona che mai tornasse al mondo,
Questa fiamma staria senza piu scosse.
Ma perciocche giammai di questo fondo
Non torno vivo alcun, s'i'odo il vero,
Senza tema d'infamia ti rispondo

anchcpl4fun 40M/44F

10/21/2005 4:08 am

Anch "I'm a slut" Fun

HOLY HELL who have you been talking too, I thought I would never hear that name again......Those bitches in Highschool, they are just jealous cuzz the football team loved me, SO what if it was the whole football team. I still wanna know how they found YOU to give that name too.....sighs

lushgirl69 49F

10/21/2005 5:37 am

PUT ME IN COACH....I have little better to do with my time at the moment.....

lushgirl69 49F

10/21/2005 6:00 am

okay, i tried once ...please let me play, please.....

SickHooteredLady 42F
62 posts
10/21/2005 6:09 am

May I amend my list please?

1-4 remain the same

5. luke69iner, because he loves me

6. same

Thank you.

onelittlesecret 33M
1579 posts
10/21/2005 6:12 am

Okay, I'm voting for...

1. Luke luke69iner
he'll be the all around nice guy, who we all root for and expect to win, only to have the lady crush his heart in the end.

2. Priapeo Priapeo
who wants to see him win? *noting all the raised hands belong to ladies*

3. Prince Albert AlbertPrince
he's funny as hell and a brit. Is there a better combination?

4. Mr. America talldarkavg1
because we need an easy first-ouster. lol

5. Sizzle Sizzle364
would be awesome.

6. And to really round out the playing field, Sgt. Dickhead, yeah!

For the lady...tillerbabe...mmmmmm...

but just for the sake of competition, I'll nominate someone else


onelittlesecret 33M
1579 posts
10/21/2005 6:16 am

ooh, ooh!

Can I nominate another lady?


AlbertPrince 58M

10/21/2005 6:23 am

I vote for me

And I want to play with Stinky (saintliana)

And TiT

And 5er

And Luke

And CuteAZ

And make sure you pop over to The Sunshine Strippers.
Last day today ‒ you don’t want to miss it! Blogville’s very own strip troupe needs your support!

And Expat

(Princess Lips)

10/21/2005 6:54 am

thank you onelittlesecret-


(Princess Lips)

10/21/2005 7:05 am

ok...If I am playing:

I want: 5 men
in no lusty


and I will throw in a beautiful evil Lesbian in the

ok pick me!!


hotnympho81 35F

10/21/2005 9:18 am

well as long as you promise to wear the camies when you come over I can overlook the not showering.

rm_Sgt_DickHead 42M
22 posts
10/21/2005 3:08 pm

We got a bunch of little fuckers signing up now. This is what I like to see! Inititive! Kill or be killed kick ass attitudes. Now… Here is the current vote count for you little pussy wipes. Be sure to get the vote out on this thing. It’s gonna be big…

Current Voting
We gots:

-5 fer Luscioustulip, cuz shes the first one on here to be hot as shit and live near the Sarge! Plus, she says she’ll do anything and ya gotta like that kind of enthusiasm from a sexy lady!
-1 fer Texas Gal
-2 fer MzHunyhole! Baby I am with you! You should be the Bach! Age don’t make no difference MzHuny when you can suck dick like a porn star!
-1 fer Anch "I'm a slut who fucked the football team until I was loose as a tie in a whorehouse" Fun
-1 fer snatchmatch (Hooooo Weeeeee This woman got a new picture of titties and Sgt. Dickhead likes!)
-3 fer Tittybabe Spoogeface (You forgot to tell them how when I came in you your whole body jumped and you hit yer head on the bedframe. BTW, I had your panties but I wiped my dick off with em afterwards. You can have em back if you like the dried spooge off of them!)
-1 fer Sickhootered cuz Spinme's is still a very sick fuck that votes fer imaginary friends.
-1 fe Freakylips cuz she thinks its really about seduction and not good hard fuck the ho!
-1 fer barbiebunny, cuz whats a slut competition without sluts right?
-1 fer Wetty because she has slut in her name and she needs a good hard dick!
-1 fer Bella cuz every competition needs a stripper that knows how to work a hard pole.
-2 fer Lushgirl69… I bet this woman can fuck like a cat in heat? I plan to find out sometime soon too.
-2 fer RedLips Princess… because she left lipstick rings on my dick. Did I mention she gagged while deepthroating me?
-1 fer Sweetest_jes_sin because she is as loose as they come. The whole barracks had a piece of that ass last night.
-1 fer SaintLianna even though she has a big ass man clity!

For the Men we have:
-2 votes fer whatever the hell Bulging has bulging
-3 Votes for pantsy boy in the bowtie.
-1 fer Priapero or however the hell you spell it…
-1 Vote for HornyViking.
-2 Votes fer TDA because he is an easy first ouster. Loser.
-3 Votes for Sizzle because Albertprince thinks it would be awesome? Geez bunch of queers.
-3 Votes for Cuteass guy...
-1 Vote for Mnfun. Dont ask me. Is that the dude with his drawrs hanging down and shit? Oh good grief.
-1 Vote fer Keithcandome. Not me cuz I aint a fag. But he can do you cuz you are.
-3 votes fer Albert prince cuz he's a Brit and ya never know when we might need one of those to turn back the tide of Frenchies running away from the field of battle.
-1 Vote fer Trav cuz hes a pussy and needs to get laid.
-1 vote fer the Expatbrit because he needed a sympathy vote
-1 vote for Amber, the guy that looks like a Mexican bandit.
-1 vote fer the strapon wielding lesbians
- 1 vote fer Tamethytension. The dude with arms growing out of his back. Hey, every one needs a circus freak.
-1 vote fer nikcancook or whatever his numbers and letters are.

Alright, we need some decisive winners here. Keep the voting up.

SickHooteredLady 42F
62 posts
10/22/2005 12:01 am

Mr. Dick, you need to go back and re-tally your count. There are now two votes for dano.

Also, I would appreciate it if you would refrain from calling me imaginary. I am only as imaginary as everyone else on this site is. I don't see anyone using their real birth name, do you?

(Princess Lips)

10/22/2005 1:51 am

I NEVER gag on a snack...

*wonders if your dick grows with lies? *

and the RING was on your balls..lil


onelittlesecret 33M
1579 posts
10/22/2005 5:45 am

Another vote for Darius, just because I'd want to see his reaction if he's picked. LOLOLOLOL

DefiniteTrouble 50F

10/22/2005 7:06 am

"1 Vote for 5er. Ha! He's so pussy whipped Id have a hard time imagining little Ms Fancy pants would even let him out of the house."

**muffles though the muzzle**

Suck me T. If he wants to play, he can play. I'm not his keeper. He's mine, lol. **evil grin** I just wanna watch.

lushgirl69 49F

10/22/2005 9:06 am

wetty, I'll say it again.......
You rock!
thanks for the vote....don't you wanna play?

lushgirl69 49F

10/22/2005 10:13 am

hey...let's get interactive here, guys...I'm not flashing my ass for my health....

I can give tulip a run for her money..hehe

(Juan S)
2642 posts
10/23/2005 9:13 am

You know Dickhead... What could actually be intriguing about this If the prize for winning were actually REAL. I'm willing to chip in so that whoever wins a date with whoever the bachlorette turns out to be...we can actually send them somewhere together.
Who is willing to do that?

BTW...Thanks for the votes ladies...

barbiebunny 36F
5597 posts
10/23/2005 6:12 pm

1 fer barbiebunny, cuz whats a slut competition without sluts right?

Im not playing, wipe my name off, and dickhead Im gonna make ya shrivel up and die like the pecker u are

Its good to be...ME

SibylBatchAxile 43M
384 posts
10/24/2005 9:48 pm

Damn, how did I get involved in this?

Hehehe...I am always erect for a good challenge...or was that 'up'?

I keep getting those two mixed up...

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