My New Bed...  

travelingintexas 41M
12/5/2005 12:08 am
My New Bed...

Wonder where I have been this weekend? Me too. I got a new bed. Growing up I always wanted a waterbed. They looked so cool.

So I bought me a waterbed on Friday. Now, I got to thinking, water moves around a lot, it is really fluid. Plus, I didn't want to be like everyone else. SO I got to looking around for something to fill it with other than water.

Jelly? Nope... Lighter fluid? Might come in handy later on down the road but that just sounds dangerous.

Having A.D.D. I noticed that on my laptop was a blog of a beatiful woman. I won't reveal who to protect the innocent. Well, I got an urge. Kinda started in my little toe and before I knew it I was REALLY looking at he profile pictures. Well, these things end as these things will end and I had to do SOMETHING with the results.

That is when it hit me. Man Goo Bed. I mean, who has a man goo bed? No one... thats who. I figured hey, there has to be well over a million profiles on this site it shouldnt take me very long.

Geez I am tired. I have carpal tunnel syndrome and I should have bought stock in that lotion manufacurer, but I digress.

I had a king size man goo bed of my very own.

You ask why does he say had? Well, let me tell you.

I was so excited about my man goo bed that I called bardicman and bulging_boy over to look at it. Well it seems that I didnt screw the cap on tight enough. This became self evident when Bard was standing down near the fill up hole and Bulge came running in the room, took a diving leap and landed square in the middle of my new bed.

The only way I know how to describe it is to have you picture an elephant stepping on a roll of toothpaste.

Man was Bard mad at me! I offered to let him borrow one of my shirts so he didn't have to drive home that way but he wasn't even speaking to me. Bulge just sat there in the middle of the bed, scared to even move and calling for his momma. Made a freaking mess in my bedroom too.

Do you know how many profiles it took me to fill up that bed the first time? Ughhhhhhhh

mistymommie 39F

12/5/2005 1:26 am

Silly, silly girl. I have a waterbed too, this is getting freaky.

mistymommie 39F

12/5/2005 1:28 am

Oops, sorry i'm in the wrong blog!! OMG is my face red!! Sorry Trav, I know you're not a girl, I didn't realize I was in your blog til it was too late!! Sorry, sorry, sorry.

bulging_boy 49M

12/5/2005 2:46 am

LOL I thought your post couldn't get any better until mistymommie called you a girl!


And then she tried to get out of it!!


bulging_boy 49M

12/5/2005 2:48 am

What I was going to say, before I was so humorously interrupted, was that the *only* reason I was crying was that Bard...

Bard... Reminded me of a really scary nightmare I had with a posessed snowman chasing me.

Somehow... in your bedroom... it all seemed soo much more *real*

PrincessKarma 43F
6188 posts
12/5/2005 4:28 am


The Big Bang was the mother of all orgasms.PrincessKarma

DTand5Speed 41M/50F

12/5/2005 5:28 am

I told you to stop looking at pics of me! EW! **dials Mom**

Make sure you get in touch with me later **smooch**

rm_sj365 55F
2414 posts
12/5/2005 6:03 am

ok..tell the truth, you & bulging_boy have some sick competition about who can write the nasties blog entry? or who can get the most comments on the nstiest blog entry? I suspect I'll be seeing some gross thing on bardicman blog now too?

Man...why are all the men i know here still 12 years old?

sj * trying realllly hard not to giggle

rm_SunnyD54 60F
94 posts
12/5/2005 7:03 am


(Juan S)
2642 posts
12/5/2005 7:08 am

There has got to be some sort of medical explanation for the mental illness that you suffer from...LMAO!!!! Funny as hell, as per usual...where do you come up with this stuff? Never mind...don't tell might be contagious!!! LOL

rm_DaphneR 58F
7938 posts
12/5/2005 7:38 am only made girl, didn't even rate being called a woman.

I imagine Bard looked something like a melting figure from the local House of Wax.

Have tongue, will use it. Repeatedly.

bardicman 50M

12/5/2005 7:51 am

Mistymommie - I see you was watching him that one night on cam too.. ROFL.. we all wondered..

I am not dead yet

bardicman 50M

12/5/2005 7:52 am

Bulgy - Yea I was laughing me ass off the mistymommie called him a girl. Damn that was funny. Sorry I didnt mean to scare you.. Did you ever see ghost busters when they got slimed.....

I am not dead yet

bardicman 50M

12/5/2005 7:53 am

Karma - Ew is right.. I never asked to be in a bukkake movie...

I am not dead yet

bardicman 50M

12/5/2005 7:54 am

DT & 5 - Are you sure he wasn't looking at 5speeds pics? surfing all the male profiles... eeeeewwwwwwwww

I am not dead yet

bardicman 50M

12/5/2005 7:55 am

SJ - 12 years old??? Naa I don't do gross.. Well not yet anyways...
Hmm let me think about that.....

I am not dead yet

bardicman 50M

12/5/2005 7:56 am

SunnyD - EEEWWWW hell ya.. Really, EEEEWWWWWWWWWW

I am not dead yet

bardicman 50M

12/5/2005 7:57 am

Wetpanty - If its throwing up you need to do I will be happy to hold your hair out of the way for you.

I am not dead yet

bardicman 50M

12/5/2005 7:57 am

Sizzle - He suffers from something alright..

I am not dead yet

bardicman 50M

12/5/2005 7:59 am

Daphne - Hmmm you know what.. I just figured out that I am not on my blog.... oops. Sorry trav.... SPakkering manky slag !!!!

I am not dead yet

TTigerAtty 62M

12/5/2005 7:59 am


pussinboots4u 50M/47F

12/5/2005 8:25 am

That's just gross, but I'm LMFAO!

LustGoddess2469 50F  
2453 posts
12/5/2005 8:48 am

I suddenly have an overwhelming desire to take a hot shower.

Ewwwww Trav! Funny as hell, but oh so sick! LMAO


helga_hansen 49F  
1987 posts
12/5/2005 10:47 am

I'm just wondering exactly who the young Miss Innocent is!!!


Love, hugs and kisses from ♥♥HH♥♥

hotnympho81 35F

12/5/2005 11:26 am

Mental note to self: Never agree to join Trav in his bed its bad enough having to self on the wet spot! I'm not sleeping in a bed thats made of the stuff. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

DTduzDallas 50F

12/5/2005 12:26 pm

Dammit Bard, lmao...that's my job!

We really need to stop doing this before he gets too lazy to comment...sittin way up there at the top lettin us underlings do all his work. **smacks crown off T's head**

bangingmyhead 54M
157 posts
12/5/2005 1:01 pm

OMG! I'm sooo glad I wasn't drinking anything while reading this or I'd need a new computer; I haven't laughed that hard for a while! Thanks for making my Monday a good one.

Valdrane78 38M

12/5/2005 1:45 pm

DUDE, that was just.....................disgusting. But admit it, you had your mouth wide open, and loved every second of it.....didn't ya! Yeah, you did. Ya perv

BANG! POW! BOOM! a study in useless knowledge and sick humor!
I want a damn soundtrack to my blog!

angelofmercy5 59F
17881 posts
12/5/2005 1:48 pm

You are one sick puppy! lol This one is almost too much for my imagination.

DeepRiverDreamin 47F
46 posts
12/5/2005 3:57 pm

You know your bed would smell really funky the next day, right?

rm_texasgal1978 45F
225 posts
12/5/2005 4:32 pm

I am pretty speechless at the moment..eewwwwww

oldman1776 78M
3164 posts
12/5/2005 5:39 pm

LMAO. son your mind neads an oil change.

slidein2meplz 61F
1994 posts
12/5/2005 6:21 pm

Yo..Trav...ya little SQUIRT ... how the hell r ya? For some reason...I just see like dozens and dozens of mayonaise jars being filled....YUCKYPOOICKYNAAAAASTY....

Squirt, squirt here and a squirt, squirt there.. here a squirt there a squirt....everywhere a squirt, squirt... the boys... c'mon...sing it....

~~~ Just me, poppin to say HI! ~~

weineroftheworld 66M

12/5/2005 7:59 pm

I feel so dirty you little girly man!!!

kokpelli_999 61M

12/5/2005 9:06 pm

Trav you have way too much time,at the minmum, on your hands.
This was one of your best!
I laughed loud and I laughed hard.

grlfriend2000 54F
2 posts
12/5/2005 11:33 pm


TopFisher 63M

12/6/2005 12:04 am

Next time I'd suggest a Sleep Comfort, as in Sleep Number bed?

Much easier and less exhausting to manage!

AlbertPrince 57M

12/6/2005 1:27 am

Brings a new meaning to "come to bed"

bulging_boy 49M

12/6/2005 2:51 am

LOL kokpelli,

That's a little too much information.

You know that's how Trav got started with his bed filling idea.

Laughing loud and hard, and then wondering... what now?


kyplowboy22 61M

12/6/2005 10:13 am

Goodgodamighty,'s that damn crowd ya run with, I know it.....I just know it!


frbnkslady 48F
6183 posts
12/6/2005 11:49 am

ROFLMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.......NEVER EVER call me gross again,.... you just won... T

PS, Did ya try to tell them it was good for their complexion and hair??


MaggiesWishes 60F

12/6/2005 12:15 pm

OH my freaking nuckkingfutts Stars!
"T" ... you rank right up there with my other friend in the "ADD" Texas market, she's one loveable and sickly puppy, too!
But damn, I love you peoples mind!

This should make the Dave Letterman top ten reasons to have and fill a waterbed!
::thinking a run to Broadway, Ed Sullivan Theater, droppin copy under the door, that should do it::

ThumbChickStool 33F

12/6/2005 3:58 pm

EEEEEEWWWWW!!!! I'm starting to wonder if it's worth getting my internet back... You are one scary guy, Trav. Aww screw it, I'll try and get the net back at my place. Gotta keep an eye on you, ya know.


fantasia_shares 47M/43F
4164 posts
12/7/2005 8:27 am

Thanks heaven that her new bed is made of that "memory foam" stuff

You might want to know who to watch out for around here: Are YOU a Dirty Bad Man or Woman? !

Please tell me the secrets of your sex appeal Primping!

And a MUST READ: [post 2294897]

Just shamelessly pimping my own damned blog!

anchcpl4fun 40M/44F

12/7/2005 12:10 pm

you are just disturbing! I cannot and do not even want to imagine the smell.....Oh god, now i are just ugh, WRONG!

Bulge- stop crying man, im totally rethinking the whole cult thing with you sitting there crying like a girlie boy.....

redhead_lass 38F

12/7/2005 1:25 pm

Funniest post I've seen all week. Hehe...

EyeCandy33333 44F
761 posts
12/7/2005 8:20 pm

Of course man-goo has been emmm there there there and there already.

EyeCandy33333 44F
761 posts
12/9/2005 10:51 am

Emmmmm the gift that keeps on giving mmmmmmmm

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