Massive Stench Eminating from Unknown Source  

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8/20/2005 12:13 pm
Massive Stench Eminating from Unknown Source

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Countries around the world have been reporting an eye-tearing, gut wrenching, vomitous Stench coming from somewhere; experts, however, so far, have been unable to identify the source.

MzHunyhole ( [blog mzhunyhole]) of the University of Kentucky , professor of Unidentifiology : "It's never really easy to pinpoint something like this. We thought we had it narrowed down to two or three popular blogs but to identify the true location is incredibly difficult. I mean I walk around feeling like my colon is going to shoot straight out of my anus and I have to ask myself: What is this? It's still unclear, the sky I mean, it's been unclear for about 6 years now. But only recently have my bowels really started to kick in."

(Author's Notes: We double checked the transcripts and the above statements were verbatim. So, we just nodded our head yes and assumed we were idiots when it came to the field of unidentifiology.)

Symptoms reported to us from those familar with the Stench include: Absolute faith in utter nonsense, total acquiescence to authority in the face of obvious lies, feeling giddy for no apparent reason, suddenly running around saying 'tehehehehehehehe!", desire to leap over a cliff with one's friends, inability to reason, finding childrens' picture books the only literature even remotely understandable, reading or saying the word 'literature' causes nausea, brain exploding when asked to solve minor math problems.

However, one expert, who, for unknown reasons chooses to remain anonymous says symptoms aren't uniform in intensity or kind. In fact those he spoke with, and he himself, feel totally different symptoms. Such as: nausea 'like a horse kicked you in the stomach', flatulence 'that will clear a city block', visions of [blog txrose4uNTX] as Satan, sudden uncontrollable need to speak Italian, overwhelming desire to understand world events--quickly, sudden aversion to 'political discourse', lack of faith in anything 'federal' and anyone 'elected', night sweats that smell like rancid limburger or sweaty stuntmen.

Though there have been many unverified reports as to the source of the Stench, according to Prof. MzHunyhole: "When it comes to indentifying the unidentifiable it's generally not necessary for one to look very far for clues. As for this Stench, I believe we must start with our friends the dinosaurs." With that cryptic remark, sadly, Prof. MzHunyhole promptly exploded just as she had predicted.

(That just ain't right! Now back to the story...)

Will the Stench ever dissipate? Will anyone be able to identify and destroy the source? We cannot say.

For now, experts say, find a good gas mask, use a lot of heavily scented, long burning candles, watch for the stupid and for those with blind faith.

Picture Caption: Cheese, Satan or Source of Stench?

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8/20/2005 1:39 pm


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8/20/2005 2:12 pm

Auuuugggghhh... I posted a response... and it hasn't shown up yet! Perhaps, it will later? In that event, I apologize in advance for having two comments posted....

In short, I said:

LOL... but, you can run, but you can't hide for-ever!!! Love you too!!! lol....

I am wondering though if you are a figment of my imagination as you taunt me with the fact you travel on IH35 and can wave at me on occasion in your travelling path; yet, I don't see you... and I haven't encountered you at any of the Starbucks that I go to... lol....

So, I have to ask: Should I be looking for a stench along IH35???? Is it live or memorex????? lol...



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8/20/2005 2:49 pm

cool stuff...........

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8/20/2005 10:42 pm

What is this shit???? Have you mindless morons nothing better to do?

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