Flying Through The Air...  

travelingintexas 41M
2/16/2006 4:38 am
Flying Through The Air...

I hate flying. 500 tons of scrap metal glued and stapled together 5 miles upin the air? Uh huh... Yea right!

OK, I am not thinking about that...

Dear Western Union Telegram...

I am now on the road... STOP...

Heading to Baltimore... STOP...

Interview on Friday morning... STOP...

I will be back on Sunday... Stop...

I do not know if I will be back on here before then... STOP...

If not, everyone have a great weekend... STOP...

Help me, I can't stop... STOP...

Seriously... STOP...

I am trying... STOP...

Stop is really a funny word if you stop and think about it... STOP...

I have now written the word Stop so many times it looks wrong... STOP...

OK... I am out of here... STOP...


caressmewell 53F

2/16/2006 5:56 am

Good luck sweetie!

MillsShipsGayly 51M

2/16/2006 6:21 am

Make awesome impression... STOP.
Visit Louisa.. STOP.
Make awesome impression... STOP.

HBowt2 58F

2/16/2006 6:21 am

Good luck with the interview.....and don't stop....

fantasylover_05 62M

2/16/2006 6:48 am


I am rooting for ya Buddy!!

angelofmercy5 58F
17881 posts
2/16/2006 6:57 am

Have a great trip Trav! You just knock em dead in that interview on Friday! We will all be thinking about you.

TTigerAtty 62M

2/16/2006 7:25 am

Good luck!

TzarsAmuseChant 41M
2854 posts
2/16/2006 8:23 am

Damnit man. evertime I get a spare second to drop by and chew the fat, you're taking off some where.

good luck, my friend.

PassionKisses4Me 44F

2/16/2006 9:51 am

Wishing you the best of luck...kisses



want2play926 45F

2/16/2006 10:25 am

You are going to do great! Can't wait to hear how it all goes...

slidein2meplz 61F
1994 posts
2/16/2006 10:45 am

Good Luck Trav!!!

~~~ Just me, poppin to say HI! ~~

Kaliedascope61 41M
4084 posts
2/16/2006 11:42 am

Good luck,
I've had the word tabernacle stuck in my head for three years! Its driving me nuts!

rm_1hotwahine 62F
21091 posts
2/16/2006 11:56 am

I think you're TOPS. OOOPS...a little adult onset dyslexia there...

Yeah, I'm still [blog 1hotwahine]

aascrompn 42M
6444 posts
2/16/2006 12:02 pm


gnr8nrg 45M

2/16/2006 12:30 pm

I view planes in the same way. Good luck Trav.

FeelKindaLonely 44F

2/16/2006 1:37 pm

God you're adorable.

oldman1776 78M
3164 posts
2/16/2006 3:06 pm

Good luck son.

Knock em dead.

norprin5 55M

2/16/2006 5:05 pm

good luck STOP

by the by, Trav, the telegram is dead STOP

western union put a STOP

to it STOP

you should have known that STOP

you're such a schmuck STOP


King Nor XVIII

LadytoPleaseYou 64F
5447 posts
2/16/2006 5:07 pm

Gee, Trav, going on a job interview and what's that on your jacket? Oh it's just a SPOT!

PENIS CHARMING....where are you?

rm_jackie40503 69T
1323 posts
2/16/2006 5:17 pm


Stop Stop Stop Stop

You've got to Stop this kind of thing. Now miss kittie can't Stop so please Stop with the Stops already before you get us all started.


vanna4u 38F

2/16/2006 5:47 pm

S T O P [/]
Why do you keep turning those letters over and over and over?

vanna4u 38F

2/16/2006 5:48 pm

I'm sorry, I meant TYPING those letters. My bad.

SexySadie2642 38F
36 posts
2/16/2006 6:16 pm

Oh pulease - Just STOP !!



Don't Stooooppppp

LustyTaurus 48M  
21253 posts
2/16/2006 6:32 pm

So I say's to myself, Precious(cause that's what I call myself) why don't they make the whole damn plane out of that indestructable black box they always try to find when the plane goes down? STOP

Trav is getting on a plane..STOP...

Don't be so insensitive to his obvious discomfort in flying...STOP.

Good Luck to you my elctronic blogging buddy!


DTduzDallas 50F

2/16/2006 7:20 pm

Remove my voice box? pffffffffft!!! Oh yes, I saw that. **smack**

oh yeah...**kisses & hugs**

boydcounty 67M

2/16/2006 8:04 pm

Remember, you don't have to fly. You just sit in the seat, scarf down a few o those little Jack Daniels airline bottles. The plane will do all the flyin' for ya.

Best of Luck.... Check out "The Block" down on the Inner Harbor.


rm_DaphneR 58F
7938 posts
2/16/2006 9:41 pm

I need new feet.

Have tongue, will use it. Repeatedly.

tillerbabe 55F

2/17/2006 12:42 am

Oh STOP it!

_CoffeeNoCream_ 52F

2/17/2006 1:10 am

please stop ?

rm_PurryKitty2 48M/49F
9753 posts
2/17/2006 3:52 am

Good luck on the interview today STOP
Anxious to meet you tonight STOP Do I have too?

Purry {=}


rm_PurryKitty2 48M/49F
9753 posts
2/17/2006 3:54 am

You know Trav, I just noticed that if you reverse the letters it spells pots. Hell we could make a lot of noise with pots. And if you scramble the letters you can spell POST. Hmmmmmmm maybe its a sign, LOL!

Good luck today

Purry {=}


MONA_14 29F

2/17/2006 6:15 am

I enjoyed reading your blog and wish that you are our Friends

SilkenKiera 37F  

2/17/2006 9:29 am



DTduzDallas 50F

2/17/2006 9:38 am


DTduzDallas 50F

2/17/2006 9:38 am

and where are my damn cookies?

DTduzDallas 50F

2/17/2006 9:39 am

did I mention pffffffffffffffffft yet?

mm0206 68F
7767 posts
2/17/2006 2:28 pm

Enjoy the trip!

I am sure you will land the position, Trav...

pssss...... keep your seat belt fastened!!

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