Bending Over the Wrong Side of the Bed...  

travelingintexas 41M
7/31/2005 5:36 pm
Bending Over the Wrong Side of the Bed...

OK... If I have ever been bent over the wrong side of the bed or is it got up on the wrong side of the bed, today would be it. Is it wrong to want to clobber everyone that comes within 5 feet of me.

If this woman laughs one more time I am going to cafe her latte. Good grief. They have medicine for that ya know. Sheesh.

I love toys. For all you gutter minds out there I am discussing toys like High Definition and iPod's and XM Radio. Did you know there is a Starbucks channel? I love my XM Radio, especialy the comedy channel, but I have refused to allow myself to turn on the Starbucks channel. I spend enough time up here already and somehow that just seems like my life would be a walking billboard for Starbucks.

Speaking of iPods, I had 800 songs on my work computer before I left that job. I forgot to get all my music! Argggggggggg See, its the little things that begin to add up to really piss me off.

Hey, she has a really cute smile.

Ooooooooo College students with the ideals of youth........ Grrrrrrr just what I need today, happy idealistic pains in the butts sitting next to me talking about how they are gonna save the world. And she keeps singing.... Geez Shut up!OOOOOOO She just laughed again. Stop it. Did I mention someone is in MY seat too?

Its bad enough I'm in a grumpy mood but to be sitting in my seat? They dont have any need to sit by the plug. I need the plug.......Stop freaking singing....

Its all I can do not to turn to this woman and say "Excuse me, do you know who sings this song?" and when she answers because undoubtidly she will know the answer I just want to look at her and scream "THEN LET HER FREAKING SING IT THEN!"

See look at the nice lady across the room sitting all the way across the room in the corner. Is she saying anything Nope.... She's being nice and keeping to herself..... Grrrrrrrrrr

OK I'm over it. I'm done being in a bad mood. Well I was until this guy who I sort of knew just came up to me and wanted to talk about his kids. I don't even remember his kids name. Like I care! Can't they see I am brooding over here? Good grief..........



frbnkslady 48F
6183 posts
8/1/2005 10:13 pm

LOL, I have those days. They guys are work call it prairie dog days.... They all look up to see if its safe to move or talk.. T


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