A Look At Today.....  

travelingintexas 41M
12/16/2005 5:55 am
A Look At Today.....

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I went yesterday to the store and bought four, count them, four, King Size Snickers bars.

So, at 7:18 AM I am smoking a cig, drinking a Dr. Pepper, eating a Snickers CORRECTLY (mmmmmmmm breakfast of champions) and having my daily love/hate argument with Jezzy so all is right in the world this morning. (I just showed her this paragraph and she said "Cute, real cute." Evidently, she isn't as easily amused as I am.)

So, the question is, it is now 7:37 AM and I don't know what to do with the rest of my day. That sucks. (New song: U2 Heartland)

I am restless again. The sun is attempting to make a rise and it is gray and just blah outside. However, today is Friday and you know what that means for me? Means its just another day like any other right now. No break in the monotonous circle that is hotel living. (Godsmack, Awake.... fitting eh?)

Wonder if anyone has ever done a full day blog. Every song change brings a new thought or activity? Live blogging. Geez... I slept from about midnight until 3:45 AM. Restless.

You know me, someone makes a negative comment and I think about what they say. I was polite this time. I didn't even take it to heart really. But their comment echoed my own thoughts. I whine, you read. I whine more, you read more. Doesn't there come a time where you say, uhhhhhh I am done. When Snickers humor and stupid water bed tricks just doesn't cut it anymore?

How I would give anything to jump on here and write about these fantastic victories, awesome nonstop sexual escapades and other things that I am excelling at only in my mind.

I downloaded a Christmas wallpaper yesterday Wooooo hoooo... for all of you that just said in your mind, SO? To you I say "bite me" in a friendly way of course. I sense the holiday spirit starting to stir. Even if just a little bit. A.D.D. kicked in because about 3 songs have passed and I forgot I was recording them as I wrote this morning. No I don't type that slow, I have just been doing other things. (We could count # of cigs instead... 3)

Well, no great rush of emotion. No huge HERE IS WHAT I AM GOING TO CONQUER today thoughts. I am just here. Doing here things this morning. Wonder what my last blog of the day will be about or like. I honestly don't know what this day is going to bring.

One of two things I bet. It'll be up! Or it will be down. Middle ground doesn't last long it seems.

Kimmers777 106F

12/16/2005 2:34 pm

I'm thinking you need to get together with the folks from Denny's or IHOP and see if they can't start making Snicker Pancakes or Snicker Waffles. (Served with a small scoop of ice cream would be perfect!)

Don't let the naysayers get you down. You keep putting shiney things out there and most of us will continue to look in, if just out of morbid curiousity! We're not that different after all.

deliciousngood 64F
1666 posts
12/16/2005 5:36 pm

I gotta tell you...I eat Snickers EXACTLY the way you do and I think those that DO NOT are seriously twisted.

EyeCandy33333 44F
761 posts
12/16/2005 8:36 pm

So wat Christmas centerfold-I mean wallpaper did you choose Trav-just kidding!

Kimmers777 106F

12/16/2005 10:28 pm

I hope I would never do anything to damage your self esteem.

Bardicman can handle that just fine!

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