"The Knuckledragger Gene" The Online Fantasy  

travelingintexas 41M
9/16/2005 1:29 am
"The Knuckledragger Gene" The Online Fantasy

Before I start, I have been a little busy the last couple of days and haven't responded the way I want. I will be making an effort today to catch up.

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Dear KD’s,
It is now time for us to have our weekly chat. Ladies again, please excuse us as we retire to the drawing room for a little guy time. Please chat amongst yourself until we return. Gentleman, if you will follow me. As always, smoke 'em if you got 'em. Let’s talk. 5er and [blog talldarkavg1] Lock the door!

What do you see?


Once more, take a moment and tell me what you see?

You... sucking your thumb in the corner after scratching your arm pits? What do you see?


You, taking pictures of your dick with your web cam? What do you see?


You, picking your ass, sniffing it, then asking a stranger to come to your hotel room? What do you see?

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? KD WRONG? How has evolution not killed you off yet?

Now… Let me tell you what you see… Take another look.
Here is what you see. You see what your imagination, coupled with your own desires, with a little bit of a profile thrown in to the mix, tells you that you see. You are currently experiencing fantasy. The mind defining emotions, thoughts, responses and actions to a picture. No you say?

Again I say you are wrong. Here is my proof.

As has been demonstrated here in this place, you see a picture and immediately add your personal desires and characteristics to that picture. Couple this with your supposition… oops big KD word….. Assumption... CRAP!.... Hope (Yes, that is one syllable) that this person WANTS to have sex with you and you have convinced yourself this person should and ought to want you. It is why pornstars look at the screen. You get a sense of ownership in the action. Fantasy becomes reality which in turn causes the natural Knuckledragger Gene to take over.

It causes you to leave comments such as the following:

“Hi, you don’t know me, but I am gonna be in town and wanted to leave you a hotel room key at the front desk.”

“Hi… You sho is purty. I like yo mouth. Wanna be my bitch? I want to stickem up my cockem in your wet hot….” You get the idea.

Still... you may not believe me. I have another piece of proof to offer you in return to your big shaggy head shaking back and forth.

Example: Bella
For as long as I have been here, Bella has represented the unattainable. Guys and some ladies, see her pictures and fall over themselves attempting to impress her. In many minds, she takes on the attributes inherent to their fantasy and Bella’s own person doesn’t count.

Still don’t believe me? Note the reaction to those that can’t stand the playful Bella. The new Bella. The one that defies man’s fantasy and exceeds it, becoming something other than that x201CKnuckledraggerx2019sx201D hope. Possessiveness of ones fantasy kicks in and since he is powerless in KD state to control it, anger and resentment step up to the plate and the KD lashes out without thinking. Don’t believe me, go read some of the comments from Knuckledraggers in Bella’s recent posts. Bad, Knuckledraggers, bad.

Now, I am not saying fantasy is a bad thing. I am saying that when your personal fantasy replaces the real life person and begins to define THEM and not you, your chances are slim to none. If this happens, you have already lost in the seduction game. Note: Your need for something, whatever you are projecting on that image, has now cost you any chance at having a workable relationship in any manner.

Please understand, when the x201CKnuckledragger Genex201D kicks in, it becomes soley about the KD’s wants and desires. In order to be successful in seduction, you must remove that blinder, place yourself in the person you seduce shoes, and determine their wants, needs and desires. It takes thinking outside of your fantasy and takes you into a stranger’s fantasy. This is an uncomfortable place to be and opens you up to rejection but is the only way to be successful at seduction.

Accept the one you “want” as she sees herself, not as you imagine her to be. (Please note what I just said. As she sees herself. Distinction: She doesn't see herself as mom or breadwinner but as princess or superhero.) Seek clues to what makes her tick, to what her heart desires. The best place to look is the profile.

Example: Cruella
barbiebunny had Barney and Friends as favorite Musicians in her profile for a year and a half and no one ever caught the humor. It was placed there deliberately.

Explore the possibilities and expose yourself as an answer to her need and a pillar of hope to her heart. Blondeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sitting on the bed, while seductive to your physical and sexual nature, is not the complete picture of Blonde. When you treat her as if it is, you have missed all that she offers to you and she will look beyond you for something more. You must overcome the initial desire to pounce, knock her over the head and carry her off to the cave. It is evolution of the KD nature and it must be a forced and deliberate act on your part.

I know your attention span is short so I will wrap this up. Remember, true seduction is a thinking man's game. It is not a formula or book theory. It takes mental capability, primarily to overcome self. However, more importantly, it is the ability to have a flexable and proactive heart rather than a reactive one. Give a dream through your speech and action, don't just take a number and wait your turn. You will be waiting all day.

I get a personal kick out of every email or comment I see left to females on this site. I always know that individual is not a threat in anyway. The fantastic part is, few will ever understand and change because the x201CKnuckledragger Genex201D is too strong within them.

Evolve and expand the box you place your fantasy in. Understand that behind the picture is a living breathing woman that desires something more than is being offered from others. Do this, and you are a step ahead of the competition.

And because it is my blog, I wanna do this again LOL

Copyright travelingintexas Mine...all Mine!

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(Juan S)
2642 posts
9/16/2005 3:25 am

Balance is the key and it is a two way street.
Knuckledraggers in their highest form are called Jerks
Anti-knuckledraggers are sometimes men in little pink tuttoos...out in public.
The folks in the middle where ladies will find what they are looking for and the men will also...are called communicators.

DefiniteTrouble 50F

9/16/2005 4:41 am

Oh great post T...kudos.

(I'm the one in the middle in the pink if anyone gives a shit)

And yes, I agree. True seduction is a thinking man's game. I am only attracted to intellectual men. Stimulating my mind stimulates every sense throughout my body. The ability to drop your guard, open up, and reveal the inner workings of your mind is the first step to winning my heart...or whatever body part you might be interested in.

lmao @ "yo shur is purty" line...

dano6332 56M

9/16/2005 5:26 am

Trav, Well said.... I cannot begin to express my disappointment in reading a great blog where one of the ladies is expressing her feelings and in the middle of a great stream up pops the "you sure got a purty mouth" Makes me scream for a remote control switch that would allow me to remove said offender from existence. Yes I know they are a fantasy and certainly unattainable so I relax and enjoy their minds. Thanks for a great blog and if the gals have the sista hood thing we should form our own secret club. You and 5 could be the officers and Sizzle and I will be the sgt at arms. We could call ourselves hmmmmm ok still a thought in progress but we will refuse to tarnish ourselves with any of these base and impure thoughts. Of course we need a a spy to infiltrate their camp and I think tall could do it. Hell "I'll face the peril" just for the cause mind you.

frogger1995 39F

9/16/2005 6:16 am

Once agian you have hit the nail on the head. I have gone out of my way to be responsive to individuals who obviously read my blog and make witty or insightful comments (invites to my network, etc). I would rathe be with someone who compliments my mind than one who compliments my looks.

Though, I have to admit to a tiny tinge of jealousy at not being included in your favorites up there (but then who can compare to Bella)

digdug41 49M

9/16/2005 6:40 am

I fall under the communicator part of sizzles comment and I still feel the biggest sex organ is my brain if a woman can stimulate that then its all good, people tend to see what they wanna see and not what is really there some are warped in there thinking I'm just glad I'm not one of those people, good post trav.

roaming the cyber streets of blogland

tamethytension 54M
2320 posts
9/16/2005 7:10 am

Sorry I'm late ... oops looks like I left the door ajar as DT obviously peaked.

Amyway, I'm offering my dissenting vote ... do I get a vote?

I'm all for knuckledraggers ... less competition.



tamethytension 54M
2320 posts
9/16/2005 7:27 am

As for Bella ... I don't find her intimidating ... she's only 5 ft leaning into my kiss (or so I imagine). All the more reason to put her on a pedestal ... from where she may command me to pray to the Goddess ...

On my knees, I am naked before you in the mirrored alcove of your bedchamber. There you approach me, standing with the temple of your Goddess just short of my lips. I steal my eyes away from her entrancing folds, gazing upwards only to drink in the sight of your breasts. Just out of reach, their teats beckon me. You begin to play with your nipples as the scent of the Goddess wafts across my face. Breathing it in, my sexual intoxication amplifies dramatically, blood rushing from brain to groin, filling my manhood, and emptying my mind of all but lust for the glistening wetness before me. This does not go un-noticed by you as you survey the scene from every angle offered by the mirrored walls. Pushing me back on haunches, you lift your left leg up to brace your foot on the shelf. The smooth arch of calf and thigh tower over me as my arching back produces an erection piercing the night air. With the permission of your glance, I reach my lips across the back of your ankle, and lick the meat of your calf. No longer looking down, you watch the mirrors as you soon know the light teasing of beard and lips over the back of your knee. Now salivating in utmost desire, I run my mouth down the full length of your thigh to your crotch. You almost buckle with the resulting spasm. While tugging at your pinch-hardened tits, you lean ever into my kiss bringing the fleshy gates of your temple to my lips. My tongue parts the red sea of your love searching for redemption. And there on the temple mount, the Goddess sits awaiting this humble petitioner. As I pray to the Goddess, your world folds pressing you down onto me, my head laying on the altar of your love where I may appease the Goddess for hours . . .

ExploreMore4Me 59F

9/16/2005 7:45 am

Dear Travlin'...WELL DONE! You should do this again! Great insight! Hope the guys paid attention!

Hugs & Kisses!


Mr_sweetness 44M
2599 posts
9/16/2005 8:41 am

I do not go on looks or a pic i go on there personality what they have to offer from the inside...what they have to offer from there heart and soul...the pic or the looks is the bonus part...weather the gal is hot or not if she has nothing to offer from the inside then i do not want nothing to do with her what good is eye candy if they are boaring and have nothing to offer from there heart and soula nd true self....To many people just go on looks on boths isde men and women...I know that first hand that most just go on looks...I am a big beleive never judge a book by it's cover...Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeace

Peace, cause there is to much violence and blood shed in the world!!

Love, cause there is to much hate in the world!!

Happiness, cause it feels good and life is to short to be mean and unhappy all the time!!

SunneyOne 43F

9/16/2005 8:56 am

Hysterical, and soooo true. There are so many that dream up what they want, and impose that on any woman that they meet from here. The real woman can never live up to his ridiculous fantasy, so he is disappointed, and she has done nothing wrong. You can put the most explicit pictures, reveal your deepest thoughts and feelings, but KD's get stuck on a titty pic and paint their own fantasy. Pfft.

ThumbChickStool 33F

9/16/2005 9:08 am

Trav, are you sure you aren't really a woman inside that hot body? You are hitting very close to home, and more men should learn to be like you. And you are right, there is more to getting a woman than "You're hot. Wanna meet?" I personally need to be romanced and seduced before doing anything. Give me something I'm not getting at home, and I'll give you something you aren't getting. Fair trade? I think so. Great post.

Many kisses

dano6332 56M

9/16/2005 10:09 am

Trav, I got a name for the secret club. NAMBLA Non aggresive men behaving like asses. Oh wait you say someone else already has that name? Crap Fine let TDA or EXPAT think of a name. Heading out for my weekend in Florida chat later buddy

barbiebunny 36F
5597 posts
9/16/2005 12:00 pm

Wheres my pic..I swear this is bunny profiling I tell you..furry bunnies unite!

Trav brillant thad much needed..I was talking ot someone last night about how men continue to do it despite getting no results

Its good to be...ME


9/16/2005 1:00 pm

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Trav you made me cry again , you just amaze me sometimes... Come here and taste a kiss and feel a hugg , and if you go to convention you can for real . Thankyou for your kind words and thoughts.


frbnkslady 48F
6183 posts
9/16/2005 1:07 pm

Wow, nice post, hope it sinks into a few thick skulls. Male and female alike.
And to be featured in a blog like this... wow.. But not a bella, but happy....Muahhh bella


anchcpl4fun 40M/44F

9/16/2005 3:47 pm

I was just in Alaska chat earlier, actually Frbnkslady was in there too, and we were goofing off about something that a wife and mother would definatly get a kick outta, and it was brought to our attention that it was disturbing for this gentleman to hear two beauties to be talking of such. My thoughts at that moment went right on the same lines as your post...it was funny reading it after that convo in chat. SO of course I had to reign myself in from having one of my famous tangents. but i did ask him if the reason it was soo disturbing was because it screwed with his whole fantasy, and would it have been easier to hear coming from two unattractive fishwives?? hmmmmmmmm!

playfulwithyou33 56F
961 posts
9/16/2005 4:23 pm

Dano left for Florida WITHOUT me?

ThumbChickStool 33F

9/17/2005 12:37 am

So, Trav, when I finally get pix up and ready, should I send you the untouched photos first?


DefiniteTrouble 50F

9/17/2005 6:33 am

DEFCON??? You did go ahead and smack yourself as you commented didn't you??? I just don't have the energy right now.

And Ditto Honni. (she's so wise)

luckywithladeez 49M
266 posts
9/17/2005 7:49 am

Understanding Women, and Knowing What Women Want

Texas, your knuckledragger advice/philosophy, while endearing, suggests a comprehensive male strategy in courting women, however, this be not so, rather, your advice merely scratches the surface of the male/female social dance, and thus proffers encouragement, while rendering little beyond general, rudimentary social graces.

Would be it that I remember from whence I journeyed beyond similar circumstances long ago, before the desires and needs of women became plain to me. In that, no one social grace or tactic ensures a mutually enjoyable male/female social interaction, but rather a combination of the broad spectrum of social preferences unique and preferable to the couple in question may only ensure a successful courtship, and mutual fulfillment.

Thus, before, and whilst engaging a woman in discourse, or in the flesh, prescribe your goals and thus agenda: How well do you wish to engage said female? Are you seeking a long term, or short term relationship?

Avoid making any of the 10 worst mistakes that men make while courting women: [My blog posting later today]

Only after mastering, and thus avoiding, these 10 mistakes, will you rise above the flawed boilerplate Mr. nice-guy social strategy, and ultimately ascend to your rightful status as a well-rounded, romantic Man.

bella_ 47F
4030 posts
9/17/2005 10:16 am

Hi, This is Bella. I am the first photo you see. I have recently begun a support group for those women that need to deal with the knuckledragger gene. Yes I have been afflicted by some of these men. In meeting one he stared at my breasts before looking into my face...yes...knuckledragger.

For those ladies wishing to join my support group please send me an email and leave the rest to me. Sushi and wine will be served at all gatherings...clothing optional...



Sweetest_Sin_Jes 36F

9/17/2005 7:31 pm

Well, GOOD GRAVY! By the time I got to the place where yer supposed to post a comment I forgot what the heck you said (so many comments before me), so I'll just say "um, great post" and "uh, yeah, right one"! LOL!


Sweetest_Sin_Jes 36F

9/17/2005 7:32 pm

Oops - I mean "right on", not "right one" - DUH! I feel like a knuckledragger myself - not being able to spell an' all!


007sexy40plus 51F  
7603 posts
9/18/2005 1:25 pm

Trav, it is nice to see you join the group. Congratulations on your climb to the top. Keep up the good work.
It is nice to see a man stand up for the women of the site. You are among so many men who do possess the knowledge of how to go about seducing a woman, and recognizing her true qualities.

But there will always be someone who thinks that because of a half dressed body being exposed, that she deserves to be called something opposite than what she truly is. I try to stand up to those who disrupt my normalcy on my blogs. And in taking a stand I think many mistake my words for anger. Sometimes it takes a sharp tongue to get my point across. Here in cyberspace it takes an even sharper wit to get that point out there.

This is a great post, I hate I missed it the date it posted. But I am glad I found it.

I am the real deal! "Come Get Me!!!"

jim5131 55M
1296 posts
9/18/2005 6:01 pm

(Enclosed is a clip from an email to another member) .

Hi ______:

I had to read thru Travelling's blog to see what you meant. I understand much of what he's saying from a woman's point of view, as that is the way he wrote it..but Lucky and I share the same sentiment. While I often apologize to many of the women on the site for 'those' kinds of comments on the ladies' blogs, I am not going to categorize responders and call names. I comment on many of the blogs that he names and surely hope he doesn't lump ME into that catagory of insenstive types. Lucky's response, as it was posed, asked whether or not men were looking for short/long term relationships. As much as I enjoy the blogging, I am still mindful that it IS an adult site and there are men, women, couples and more that use the site to 'hook up'. I first wasn't going to respond, but I think I will after thinking about it.

So now I'm responding:

I think LV and Lucky hit the nail on the head: from a woman's point of view there are lots of cockshots and canned come-ons for sex, but there are women out there that are looking for the same thing. There are also lonely women with tender feelings after having men like THAT in their lives and I hold them in high regard, irrespective of their body shap, beauty and charm. They are all beautiful to me and deserve more than playful banter. They need men who listen to them.

Which brings me to Lucky's comment: consider the fact that this IS an adult site and there are lots of people looking for quick sex as well as marriage, and more for the former than the latter. If they're willing to troll the site with their obvious charming features, they have that right, repulsive as it may be to you, I and many others.

It sounds as if your implication that ALL guys that give you that "personal kick from the guys that leave messages on these sites" are part of the cockshot knuckledragger crowd. I have left messages on most of their sites, as well as many others. If you read thru MY blogs, you'd find that I'm an extremely busy, hardworking guy..my priorities are in my two sons, the friends around me, especially those single Moms that need a little help sometimes, and the business I own.

I don't have time to sit at a Starbucks and be king of his virtual universe. Even if I'm not one of 'those guys'..I'm not taking a lesson in manhood from you. By your own profile you've got a lot of growing to do.

I guess I missed the blog that featured the self-coronation into Alpha Male. That's your reality, I suppose.

anchcpl4fun 40M/44F

9/19/2005 12:33 am

i wanna come to bella's meeting....promise to try to walk as upright as possible....

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