The differences between men and women  

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2/6/2006 6:54 pm

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The differences between men and women

From the moment we are born, before any one has counted the toes or looked at what color the hair maybe, one thing is noticed and announced for all to know, it has or has not a penis, IT’S A BOY or IT’S A GIRL!!!

From that point on, in most of our lives we are defined in our existence by what sex we are.

There are the obvious differences, and the not so obvious ones. I want to write about the not so obvious ones.

My coworker was dumped by his girl friend over the weekend, he is all depressed but wont show it because we men don’t do such things.

A woman on the other hand would tell every one she knew about how bad it made her feel, her friends would gather around in support and point out what a real bastard he is and how she is now better of without him.

We men will say in an off hand way that we got dumped then quickly change the subject to cars or sports or some other topic that can in no possible way show a real emotion.

Here is the difference, men are for the most part more emotional than women, we just don’t let anyone see it. When a man falls for a women he is always and forever fallen for her, even if it ends in the worst way possible he will always have place in his heart for her.

Women on the other hand can and often do fall out of love. A woman can decide that she does not care for a person anymore and that’s it.

A man has to win the heart of a woman, he has to gain the trust, prove he can provide and protect in doing all this he exposes more of himself to the woman he is trying to woo than the woman being wooed exposes to him.

Once in the relationship the woman is in charge, we all know it but don’t want to admit it.
We men will do anything to keep a woman happy, because if she is happy then we are allowed to be happy and the biggie, she controls the sex, if she is happy then she will be more likely to let us men have some pussy without begging, and believe me all men no matter what will beg and do tricks for sex.

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