On the Road Again  

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11/28/2005 8:36 pm

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On the Road Again

I shall return, that what I said as I walked from my home, I was back alot sooner than I thought I would be when I made that statement. It seems I left my cell phone and wallet on the kitchen counter, so about 5 min after I proclaimed I shall return I returned.

Living on the road aint all its cracked up to be, first off you have to pack damned near everything, because if you dont have it you gota buy it and second it gets old living in hotels. Dont get me wrong I do like not haveing to wash towels or change the sheets but I hate hanging out in the laundry mat.
I dream of home cooked food and being able to find whatI want to watch on TV.

One of the perks is XM radio, I listen to the OLD radio shows on XM 164 I now know who the Lone ranger is, I listen to the shadow to find out wht evile lurks in the hearts of men and I think Red skelton is funny as hell, in a way it connects me with my parents who listened to those same shows when they were new.

I will have driven 70,000 miles this year (no im not a truck driver)I spend alot of the time on the roads less traveled, I have seen the best and worst of the country. I get to meet alot of folks and hear why they think their part of the world is better than anyplace else. So im one the road again going to spend some time in Texas where Whataburger has been voted a state treasure, and no mater where you strat at its a long ass way to where to need to be in texes.

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