It all started when...  

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11/14/2005 8:37 pm

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It all started when...

I realized some time ago that I will never have an original thought, even the thought of not having an original thought is not original.

This depressed the hell out of me, I mean here I am on this earth and for what purpose? I cant even think something that no one has ever thought before. At that moment in my life I became pissed of with most of the rest of the population of the world. But this is not what I came here to talk about...

My oldest sister had this cat, now my oldest sister is ten years older than me and had gotten pissed of with my parents and moved out. When she moved back in as we all do at least once in our lives she had this cat that was evil. The cat in question had cast a spell on my sister as evil things will and convinced her that it was a good cat. For what ever reason my sister had decided that this cat could not go outside the demon cat uponhearing this decision from my sister decided it wanted nothing more in the world than to go outside (lucifer the cat as I came to remeber him has not had a problem in the world with being an inside cat before then). More on my sister She was 19 at the time, that would have made me nine, she as 6' tall and knew how to beat a younger brother so that no marks were left on the outside. Anywat she decreed that the cat was not to go outside and further decreed that should it get out it was to be caught at once.

I let the cat out, I spent the better part of a summers day trying in vain to catch the cat, when I did finally catch it I learned a lifes lesson that sticks with me to this day. It was not me who caught the cat but the cat who caught me. The damned thing ate me alive hissing and spitting biting claws all the evils a demon has it let loose on me.

Thus life lesson number two for the day. A cat mad or otherwise fits nicely into a standard US postmaster General approved curbside mail box.

After shoving the cat into the mail box I went in the general direction of my house takeing time out to throw rocks at the mailbox that contained the cat. My plan was to get a pillow case and open the mailbox with the pillow case over it so that I could transport it the rest of the way home.

Along comes the mail man, to this day I dont know why I didnt say something to the poor man.

Life lesson number three.
A mail man can, when confronted with a demon scream like a woman.

He opened the mailbox, with his mail jeep parked right in front of it. He being at eye level with the door and out came the cat like it was shot from a cannon, right into the jeep with the mailman. he had no idea what was in the jeep with him still screaming he tried to pull forward enough so that he could slide the door open. Mail was flying out the window the cat was howling he was screaming and I was laughing.

The cat made its own way home, the mailman was way more careful and I being one of the usual suspects in crimes of this magnitude was sumarily exicuted by my sister.

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