Meeting new people, making new friends at PJ's  

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12/4/2005 9:29 am

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5/10/2006 6:45 pm

Meeting new people, making new friends at PJ's

Every time I go to my favorite lesbian bar (PJs). I always meet new people and sometimes I make a new friend in the process. Last night (Saturday) for example;

I was drinking with my usual drinking buddy. Talking and chating, and meeting people. When I talked to this young (20ish) girl, who likes tall, super-tall, blonds. I told her, when I was in Copenhagen, Denmark at this dance club. I was the smallest person in the place and I stand at 5'9". I had to stand on my tiptoes to see over guys shoulder. Everyone was easily over 6'. I met this short girl 5'9" bartending and she told me she was the runt of the litter in her family. I told her, in Texas where mexican are, she will be consider tall and can easily see over women heads in a bar

I gave my new friend some advice of job leads to get to these countries and we drank till the club booted us out.

I'm looking forward to our next encounter. I can always talk more, about blonds

P.S. From London to Copenhagen. It's cheaper to fly into Sweden at Malmo. Then take a train (Wow, what a view) across the sea into Copenhagen, Denmark. Instead of flying directly to Copenhagen.

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