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11/23/2005 6:58 am

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Best Bar PJ

It's been a while since I wrote .And I haven't written much, that interesting. I'm down here in San Antonio, spending time with relatives who i never grew up with .It's been fun and interesting and at times too much 4 me to take. But you can only pick your friends, not your family,

Well, I'm slowing down my bar hopping to just weekends. Starting to burn out, everyday with club hopping .I met some good people who sit at bars some crazy waitress's *Y* and some damn good bartenders who make some wild ass shots .I did a lot of Sports Bar in SA, and who knew that theirs more than a dozen such title bars. Waitress's at those bars are pretty damn sexy happyf; and fun 2 drink with, when the boss ?* is not looking.

Other (Straight) bars are nice and proper, but sterotype as pick-up bars >>! .Just talking 2 a girl is like a job interview /8 when all I want is small talk over drinks happym;

But I found that a Lesbian bar (Y) is fun 2 drink at. The women are not interested in men, so no fear of talking 2 men ;!; . Like a old drinking buddy who wants u 2 buy the shots as he talks about his life story .But your buddy was never that pretty, happyf;

PJ's has two very good and sexy barender's who know their shots and always give me one hell of a suprise each time I visit {=} .Too bad, their not family. I could have used a discount on the drinks

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