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5/9/2006 1:21 pm

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I'm not real big on anal. I mean, it's exciting to hear a guy behind you pounding for all its worth. Like I've said in previous blogs, the sounds of sex can be intoxicating, so it's no surprise for you to learn I like to hear the sound of a guy (or gal) going for broke in search of the orgasmic explosion.

But really, anal on the receiving end is not that pleasurable to me physically. It's rare for me anymore. Maybe other guys are different and it really feels good. About the only time it feels good to me is when some guy has me impaled on his pole and I have reached the point of no return. Maybe because his tool is touching my prostate, or who knows why, but I have really intense cum shots in a case like that.

I am always baffled to hear from guys, however, who want "first time anal" from a "well endowed male." I have to ask myself "have they really thought this through?" In all honesty, for first time penetration, and until you get used to it, you want as small of a tool as possible. Really guys, think about it, your soft tissues down there are being assaulted in a way like no other. It's not like a physician's gloved middle finger.

I was so swollen after my first time, I couldn't produce a bowel movement for two days. I know that's a little graphic, but somebody has got to tell you.

So start with a slender dildo or small butt plug, don't go calling for Long Dong Silver.

pet_humility 48F

5/9/2006 2:12 pm

Couldn't agree with you more.
I have guys that have never had anything up their butts, want me to strap a big one on and go for broke. I'm always like dude you don't want me to do that.
Things are soft and tender down there, you don't want to
ruin that cause you have fantasied about a dick up your butt.. good god.

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