Now for some foreplay  

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6/23/2006 7:46 pm

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Now for some foreplay

Ok so last week I discussed with you guys the different types of sex so now lets talk about foreplay. I realize that I am doing this backwards but hopefully you will get the point either way.

Lets start with kissing...

Sticking your entire tongue in a girls mouth, is NOT, I repeat NOT sexy. In fact, its kinda gross and a major turn off.

Also, closed mouth kissing doesnt really count. Personally I dont see the point of it myself. Why kiss someone if you arent going to really do it.

A kiss should be the gateway to everything else. If you aren't a good kisser, I believe that you cant be a good lover. Now just because I dont like the way you kiss, doest mean that other girls wont.

The Neck and Ears

Now my neck is my weak spot. If you can kiss it just right, I'll be all yours BUT my ears are off limits. I just think it feels gross to have a tongue stuck all up in it. But thats just

Unless the girl spefically asks for it, dont start biting and sucking on it. Yes that can be hott but someone of us have professional jobs where we can't have bite marks or we go to church ( you should have seen me trying to explain that to my sunday school class.)

The Nipples and Breasts

Nipples are some of the most sensative spots on the body so dont forget these. BUT...unless we ask for it, dont bite them, especially mine. I like mine to be licked, litely sucked and massaged.

Don't grab onto them like they are handles and you are falling cuz that hurts dammit!

****Remember fellas, a good kiss can open doors, your good looks and charm wont!****

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