Me, myself and I  

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6/27/2006 4:44 pm

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Me, myself and I

She was getting so turned on by the story she was reading, she could feel her nipples perk up. She started rubbing them over her shirt, and the sensation could be felt all the way down there. She leaned back in her chair, and with her thumb, slowly rubbed her right nipple forward and back. What she could really use now, was a nice warm tongue in her pussy.

She started tightening and releasing her pussy lips, and with each release, the sensation was slightly stronger. She could just imagine how it would feel, to have someone's head between her legs, licking her up and down, circling her clit, inserting the tongue inside and back out.

And with these thoughts, she found herself starting to breath a little heavier. With her right hand massaging her breast, she moved her left hand between her legs, under her trousers and underwear, just beyond her pubic hair, to feel her clitoris. It wasn't hard to find. It had already started to enlarge. She took out her hand, wet her middle finger with her mouth, and pushed it back down, beneath the trousers and underwear, just below the pubic hair. She started rubbing it and circling it slowly. The wetness of the finger felt warm on her clit, and made her slouch in her chair, for better access. She closed her eyes, leaned her head back, and let out all thoughts of anything, and just let the feeling take over her completely.

By now, her pussy was getting wetter, and she could feel the throbbing of her lips. Her nipples were aching to be bitten and kissed, but with no one around, all she could do was pinch and tweak them. And just like before, with every touch, pull and tug of her nipples, her clit would respond. The sensation was becoming more than she wanted to handle, and the thought of a firm cock entering her was so beckoning, that she found herself wiggling around on her chair.

But she was alone, and she knew that now she would have to finish herself off. There was no going back. So she pulled down her trousers and underwear to her knees, and lifted her shirt up. Her nipples were poking through the bra, but she would leave that on. She spread her legs as far as she could in the chair, and with her head back and eyes closed, she used her left hand, to rub her pussy up and down. She wet her fingers again with her tongue, and was making circular moves with her hand in her pussy. Her pussy responded by becoming wetter, and her clit had grown so much by now.

"oh my god" she thought, as she just wanted to cum already.

Her hand movements became faster, every once in a while inserting a finger in, moving it around, and taking it back out again. She was ready to begin the cuming process now.

With her left hand she held her lips apart and away from the clit. She wet the fingers on her right hand and placed them straight onto her clit. She started rubbing it fast with her middle finger, forwards and back. She found that spot on her clit which felt a little more sensitive than any other at this moment, and concentrated there. She knew that if she rubbed that spot for just a minute or two longer, she will cum.

Reaching down to wet her fingers with her pussy juice every few rubs, she could feel the sensation start; that tingling that tells you you're on the way. And as she felt that sensation, she rubbed faster, dipping down once in a while into her juices. And as her breathing became halted, and her pelvis tilted up, she could feel that she was just on the verge of cumimg. She rubbed faster, breathed a little heavier, and she was there! She felt her legs move in together, her lips close over hand, her clit became hot, her juices were flowing, and she buckled forward and back in her chair. And as she kept rubbing her clit, spasms were going through her, and she smiled to herself. She took her hand away, and just sat there, with her eyes closed, relieved.

Slowly she pulled up her underwear and trousers, pulled her shirt back down, and fixed her hair. She hoped that no one would notice her flushed cheeks. Well, that would be the best she could do whilst at work. she'll have to try and coax her husband into giving her a good fuck when she gets home.

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6/27/2006 6:39 pm

thanks you just made my day !

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6/27/2006 9:24 pm

Ummmmm .... I bet that felt good. You are a very good writer. Thanks for the story.

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