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4/20/2006 6:26 pm

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The Crib

Now that I have mastered the shower and shaving part. Ready to invite the "Lint Chicks" over to the crib (aka the warm dark hole).
Now I have been reading many, many blogs from men attracting hot ladies, so I am going to steal a few lines and hope not to get many angry e-mails for it.

Hey, Any Hot sexy ladies wanting a goooooood time with a horn dog Lint guy, Hey email me...

I am the Lint guy you have been waiting for, I am a stud looking for my ride, well hung....

I will eat all the lint from your belly button and you will love me forever...

I will suck the lint from your toes and show you how I use my toy.....

I will let you suck the moth balls off the Lint Man, e-mail me now.......

Wow, I sure hopes one of these lines brings in the "Hot Lint Chicks", been aching for a little piece of cotton.

Going to crack the bottle of Grande Passion and wait for the e-mails to come flooding in.

Til Next Time,
May all your cycles be on High Heat!

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