Sex Advice, From a Master  

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4/24/2006 6:25 pm
Sex Advice, From a Master

Okay, I invited the "Master Yoda" over to help me learn what I need to know about picking up the Hot Lint Chicks.

**So Master, What are the most important things I can do to help get me a Hot Lint Chick?**

First Lint, You must be one with the force!
**you mean like, hit them over the head and drag them into the warm dark hole, type force?**

Lint, You must not go to the dark side!
**You want me to install a light in the dark hole, I thought chicks liked it in the dark?**

Lint, You must train to be a Jedi!
**Jedi? Is that like tell them anything they want to hear and then Jedi do whatever you want?**

Lint, You must train with your Saber!
**And like who is willing to work out with my tool?**

Okay, Master, I think you have given me some wisdom on my search for Hot Lint Chicks.

Til Next Time,
Try setting your tumbles on "Master"

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