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5/14/2006 6:26 pm

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Next Week

After an eventful weekend, looking forward to next week. But first a little about the weekend.

Friday got the first paycheck and WHAT!!, had to talk to management about the deductions. How is it that FICA dude got more of the check than Lint? I don't think so! I don't care if he is the Mob Boss... Okay, since you explained it that way. I took my $3.98 and went to pay off the LandLintLady for the Warm Dark Hole. At least next week i have a little overtime.

Was then informed of an emergency overtime trip to Des Moines, Iowa. Seems all the Bureaucrats there have had there new pants split right up the rearend seam when they went to sit down. Showing the town for what they are...hehehe (seems no one inspected these before they left the plant, I'll just keep that my little secret. Never mess with the little guys!)

Just got back late today and the supervisor for the drying department wants to hang out. Been trying to quit smoking, But with all the flames and stuff with his job. It is pretty tough. I said I stand behind him (which is usually best when being with a dragon.)See how it goes.

Til Next Time,
Have you ever tumbled Backwards?,

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