Morning after  

toys2us 58M/58F
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4/22/2006 5:26 pm
Morning after

Turn down the music! What is with the ringing in my head. My eyes can't seem to focus. Who stuffed fuzz in my mouth?

As my vision slowly clears, I try to remember who am I and where am I?

Lint, thats right I am Lint, Okay and this looks vaguely like my hot tub.

"But, who the heck are you?"
"A purple peep chick" Oh no, please tell me we didn't do anything last night! I am looking for hot Lint Chick's, not peeps.

Oh my, what if somebody saw us, my reputation as a Stud Man will be seriously damaged. Heck, wonder if I even had a good time?

It hurts to much to think right now, need to get back to my warm dark hole and recover.

Til Next Time,
Please Air Dry only today,

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