Getting Ready  

toys2us 58M/58F
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5/18/2006 6:34 pm
Getting Ready

Yep, another Thursday and am I ever ready for Friday! Got an advance from the Mob Boss today and he seemed happy to loan me against my paycheck. He said not to worry about the Vig, we will work something out.

So I headed to the local novelty shop on the way home. I was told you needed a few items to break the ice with the "Hot Lint Chick" and get her in the mood. Something called foreplay.... Yeah, Lint is going to be a Player!

Wasn't sure what she would like, but I tasted the Banana Creme Whip and hope she likes it. If not we can just blow a few soap bubbles and have a clean good time. Just need to get that Bounce sheet...hehehe

Til Next Time,
Have you ever splashed paint on the canvas, before a good tumble?

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