A strange night indeed  

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9/24/2005 8:13 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

A strange night indeed

I was at a going away party tonite for one of my wifes friends little brother. I knew that Nat my wifes friends little sister would also be there. What I didn't know what was Nat had instore for me tonight.

This all started a few years ago, but really got hot a few months ago. We were at a party and Nat had a few too many and wlaked up to me and grabbed my nipples and started pinching them. At first I was in shock. I pulled back and asked what she was doing. She got embarrassed and appologised to me saying she couldn't help herself. Later that night I told her I was just caught off gaurd and if I would have been quicker I would have grabbed hold of her huge breasts in retaliation. Not that I haven't jerked off thinking about doing just that before that night.

Well all summer long I have ssen her at a party at leasy once a month. We often exchange glances and smiles throught the party. Each time she knows I will be there she has been dressing sexierand sexier. She also has a female friend that often comes to these parties as well who has even bigger tits. Nat has caught me more than once staring at her and her friends tits. Tonight Nat was wereing a low cut top and short skirt with a push up bra so most of her tits were exposed. I was blown away and couldn't help but stare. He friend also came tonight and was wearing a tight sweater that buttoned in front. Lets just say a good bonce and the buttons would have popped right off her sweater.

As the evening went on Nat and i talked as i stared at her tits. I could tell Nat was having a ball. Nat looked at me and and casually told me that she wasn't wearing any panties and that she hoped I would be able to get a good veiw later and walked away. Well it wasn't much ;ater that I got that view. She sat down across from me with her legs just opn enough to see her well trimmed pussy. As I was staring at her pussy her friend walked up in front of me with her sweater unbuttoned more than enough that I could see her tits very well and asked if I liked the views tonight. I answered Yes. The two of them kept giving me free shots of thenselves all night even when my wife was right there. My cock was rock hard most of the night. As We were leaving I hugged Nat good bye and she quietly let me know that anytime I wanted both of them that they were ready and that they preffered working together. Lets just say that tommorows golf game will probably be a few holes in one.

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