women and vain games  

touch197 62M
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5/3/2006 3:20 pm
women and vain games

This is very sad, that many women in her make a game out of sex, with the tempt and tease, and then the efforts to lure men into some web site, that they want him to pay some price to enter, or give some personal info, that he can become succeptible to idenity theft..

if these women were honest and honorable in their desire for men, they would not conduct themselves in this manner.. but many have turned what could be a site for people who want to share passions and pleasure in to a covert method of prostitution...and traps for desperate men, who are unaware of the games they employ to seel and bargain sex... I have yet, to encounter an honest women in this site... and it is doubtful that that will ever exist..
so by certain.... I will not rnew my membership... if I wanted a sex purchase, I'd go to Thailand, where there is no game....or just go where women quote a price, and you already know she's in bed pretending,, just to get your money and screw with your esteeem...

I feel sorry for the men who fall to be a sucker for these women of dishonesty... for they have no heart to be other than dishonest.... so there is no need to seek to change them....
if they were women who enjoyed sex, and had respect for men... and desired men sexually... the games would not exist.... should that not tell you men something.....
but there is always men who don't mind being a sucker, and women who don't mind playing you for one..

MarcySullivan 52F  
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5/3/2006 4:42 pm

I know what you mean. Hate those too.. waste of time for you guys that fall for it. I just wish these stupid games would not exist either.


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