Sexual awareness and....  

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4/30/2006 9:25 am

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Sexual awareness and....

within life and thru times of abstaining from sexual activity...

I don't feel that any time was wasted, I have often thought many times, of what I would like to give in expression and stimulation to women some who are just delightfully beautiful.....but have encountered the bang a minute men, or those who seek to orally engage them, and cannot find a mood nor feeling to flow upon in doing so, that she may grasp her passion and ride it';s flow without abrupt incompatibilies of feeling tones... (this frustrates many women more than many men have considered to consider).. I see some women who seem unhappy, with life, and yet you can tell they are dressed with a style and quality of integrity that reflects the nature of their real inner being... and it is so visible that they have not been engaged thru sexual experssion in a manner that allows them to be and flow in pleasure and passion to let those stresses go free and delight in th=at hidden part of themselves which passion and pleasure invigorates.. there ae many many women who suffer this fate... but they hold to all they can to not hurt the man they are with, yet know not how to tell him of their needs in a way that he can understand and not feel his masculinity threatned..
let's talk truth as adults, this is not profane, nor is it pronographic in some derrogotory sense..I will say this .. pronographic materia is very much of many many poositive things if one can consider the vastness of pleasure and what is creative expressions of fantasy and common thoughts of desire...beyond thinking it in a sense of self judgment fit some criteria of the delusion of public image..
Men, on many occassion, have a touch top kiss a second, ram his hand in warm place, flick his lips across it and then mount and plunge in for the 2-3 minutes, and his expenditure leaves the woman.. finding only satisfaction in the fact that he's safisfied, but what build and swells within her takes a toll on her in so many other ways.. this is a hard blunt truth of reality... not to say there are not men who know how to engge a woman fully because there are many who do know.. but too many think it is the member between their leg's that is the magic... but the magic reall begins and ends in and thru his mind, if it knows how to love, then it knows how to make love... and thus it can feel a woman and know what a woman is feelling and flow in a harmony with that, and orgasm for a woman is not something of difficulty... it's something tht is a process .. and I say glory to any man who can understand this... for his woman will be pleased with him.. I have found methods of stimulation within and of myself that extend hours beyond hours, and not climax, and thus came to understand much of what is in the depth of the durations that women feel, can fell and interrupt feeling... my passion was not denied and suddenly reborn, it has been consistent, and much in the process of learning what the intensity of passion there is within patience and what of patience tht is the path to the greatest of intensity in a melody of sensations that consume the entire self.. in one orgasmic expression..that is a beauty... worthy of nothing in comparison..for it its as dancing with the felling of gods graces...of the beauty in which we the whole of our being.

that is what I seek to share with a woman... I seek to take nothing but to give unto her the delights of indulgence into the infinity of her beauty and orgasmic glory.. that is why, I get frustrated when women think all I want to do is .. self gratify myself by useage of her body... which is the fartherst thing from what is my reality.

this is as brief as I can summarize this... to be explicit enought to give insight into my understanding..and my ways of living and loving what is woman.

touch197 62M
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4/30/2006 11:33 am

Thank you for your gracious understanding... because I as a man, am so frustrated at the men, who make things bad, for men as myself, who truly love and appreciate woemn, and have no interest in taking a woman for granted, nor using her for selfish gratification..

I can say.. if men take their ego out of it, and put their mind in their pants, to guide and work with their tool... they may find themselve to be of a depth of love making that is beyond his wildest dreams... I suggest, that women do one simple thing..!!! tell him direct..
"slow down... and if he does not have time to do this , then come back at a time when he can appreciate what he doing and allow you to do the same..>>>

to be humorous, offer him the bathrood, and a jar a vasaline, and tell himwhen he's finished, come on out and sit and talk with you.. )

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