Men,.. a good message about appreciating women  

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4/24/2006 10:09 pm

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Men,.. a good message about appreciating women

Men if you can look at her and see beauty..then see it and believe it..
don't take beauty to mean that she is niaeve or fearfully fragile in mind and person.. treat her as confident, and strong in whom she is..
for... many may not say it.. but all know it..

don't be fooled... all women know the value placed on "p*((Y", in or out of a relationship..
and they want you to value their heart more than you value their sex.. but they don't want you to value their sex any lesser.
but if men can embrace her heart..non judgmentally, with a confidence and with a openess of each allowing the other to be themselves...EXPRESSIVELY.... then that woman will stay with you..
when men can accept (women)
they know how much of creativity that can be involved in their satisfaction.. and they know how much they like engaging it..exploring and creativly enticing it.. If men notice, women will buy all the sex undies, and so many things, that tell you in so many ways, she want to lay and be playful, wild and carazy and loose and free.. but she want's respect to enter the bedroom, and also to exit the bedroom and be a part of everything.. that's a hard thing for some men to learn..
but some men will never know that of his woman, because they get closed mind, and think her role is to serive him, and he does not stay in the kneeling more long enough.. some have no idea that it takes a lot of doing a lot... for a woman.. and that means her mind has time to think of even more of creativity and enhancments of pleasure and desire..
and women like to look good, they like to feel they can tease and temp and gently and overtly flirt and many things. If she is shy, she want's you to know how to bring her out of it and make her feel comfortable to be creative and feeling delightful about her body, and her desires, and help her feel comfortable to open her mind to bring her creativity to share with you..
(this is not BS>>> it's actual and factual)..

and men can find so much more in the woman that he may have never known was there..

if you come across like this or that is disrespectful or disgusting, then she is going to keep that from you .. and be reluctant to attempt it with you.. but if you can get past judging a woman by her sexual wants, desires, thoughts and fantasites.. then she will glady share them with you.. and you will probably get to know more of pleasure than you imagined pleasre could ever be.
..and they have a far greater capacity for wanting some variations in creativity, than many can even begin to talk to some men about.. so... as a man.. men have to learn to open their minds to encompass a woman..and be able to expand his concept of what he considers the respect parameter..and expand it.. that's where it come to loving the heart of the woman... not based on the things in her desires, for if she sense that you have a problem with something sehe desires... she simply won't tell you about it.

but she knows how to find someone that is open to her desires, and is open to either make it a part of things, or share it as part of things..

and not many women who don't like extended pleasure, that she can flow with, as well as loose herself within it.. and not have to worry about what a man thinks of her after it's over..

there is very few women on this site... who do not like "spontanity", and many men have to understanding that.. across the board, not just about getting up going some place, but able the sexual expressions as well.
her capacity for sex, in both desire and activity.. is far greater than many men allow himself to be open to.. and when she has to compress it...then she is going to feel you don't understand her, and you are judging her, and ultimately cannot deal with her, and does not know her heart..
As they feel if you know their heart.. you can deal with the expanse of her desire and wahts and passions yearings.

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