Interacting vs Observing  

touch197 62M
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4/26/2006 12:52 pm
Interacting vs Observing

when we look at our lives.. are we basically interactive.. or passive observers..
this will definately, tell much about what the results of our experience will yeild..
it has much to tell about whether we actually just assume things or actually know from experiencing things.
the world is in much part an interactive world.. which is where much of what is success is found..
in the observerving prespective.. which is good at times.. but as a general format of being..
it tells much of how and why people want.. but do not get.. and desire but, do not pursue..

Interactive will approach situation and work thru challenges..
observing can sometimes.. bring.. one to see things as obstacles and stumbling blocks and deterrents.

sure.. !! safety is to be considered as a number one concern.. but it is also very wise to be of awareness, understand and knowledge about what one is interacting with.. and sometimes even what one is observing..

Be it, in love, life, business or education.. interacting.. is the avenue to success and growth..observing could be considered.. a disposition of considering.. options of choices that can be made .. that leads to what one will become interactive within...

but one has to become an interactor.. in order to be a choice maker..

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