Differences ....in Men and Women  

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4/26/2006 8:39 am
Differences ....in Men and Women

sometimes women may have the option ( I do say sometimes).. to live, carefree, and spur of the moment choices and expenditures.... and make quick change about many things..
but in some case it's possible because a woman has the standard option, that society has and underlying expectation.. that a man is the "provider"... so she can find such... after the carefree living expeditions..
On the other hand, men ( sometimes) has to build a stable means of support, and the stable ability to provide, and does not (sometimes ) have the luxury, to be carefree, spur of the moement choices and expenditures.... for is he does... he will sometimes result to have nothing, and thus... not be of eldigibility to the discriminating and expectating taste of some women..

so the delima is... of what does a man want, and what does a woman want... and how willing are they to actually understand these difference, and devise a workable plan that both contribute into making it possible for the spontaneity that women so love, to be and affordability in the relationship for both.

maybe some see it in other prespectives.. but I would say... in the over-all.. of life.. for the men and for the women...in honest of yourself..
who do you feel is the principal provider..
and that should make some of the many qyuestions of .. who's going to do the country jumping moves.. when love is contemplated..

will the women support the man, until he is able to find gainful employment if he moves to your country... if you move to his country is he willing to support you until you get gainful employment..

I don't seem to see this question being discussed.. when some complain or inquire about .. one mate moving to the location of the other..
It's for certain .. not everyone on these sites are independently wealthy

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