Are the women on here For Real, or Teasing !!!!!!  

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4/21/2006 6:28 pm

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Are the women on here For Real, or Teasing !!!!!!

I am curious if the women are for real, in whating to share their sexuality and the desires they concieve.. Or is it a thing where they actually get off, and get their satisfaction from tempting and teasing??

for those who claim they want fun and enjoy sex.. are they actually open to enjoy it, and let the friendship be friendship.. and flow freely.. or do they seceretly.. pretend .. yet.. aim to make a lasting relationship..
I have noting against lasting relationships.. and appreciate things that last.. and like to make friends that last..but my point is.. If it's friendly and understanding sexual wants and needs,... why not let it flow freely... and develop it's own shape and form of what the relation becomes..

I have recieved... e-mails, that look like form letters, with multiple names and multiple contact addresses in One e-mail.. Is this just a game of tease, or is it one girl, posting many different pictures, is it a group of friends.. just playing games.. or is it the site.. paying member's to pretend..and post all these pictures..and write provocative profiles..????

I truly can't stand bullshit and games.. Life is far too short to be caught into such a cycle of pretending..
I actually joined this site, because I thought the women were more real to life.. once they get past the pretending to be so Non-sexually motivated as they do in other sites..
And so far I'm finding this site to be.. pretenses and games of a different sort..

what is wrong with people they can't just be real, honesst and live.. sex is natural, life is free for the living.. and all it takes for people to share in what that has... is to communicate and be with and of understanding..

those who are on her to promote a web site of their own, or to solicit cash... should find a way to state that..clearly..

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