"I am a paying member of this one  

touch197 62M
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4/24/2006 8:50 pm
"I am a paying member of this one

I am not going to enter any web site, that ask me to log in and sign up for anything.. to find someone, nor am I going to sign in to a web site, nor buy a membership or anything of such.. I am not open to any marketing ploys and games..

"I am a paying member of this one, and if that's not enought, then skip it""
so don't waste my time or yours with such .. formatted replies..

If you are honest, then say so, and act so... this is adults, not a kids game of temp and tease..

I'm not a sucker for such trips and I'm not some desperate man..

I am looking for friends, who like to have fun..
if you are not that.. then do not waste our time. mine nor yours.

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