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5/13/2006 1:44 pm

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I am a confident person. I like confident people. Confidence attracts confidence. So what is confidence?

Looking in the dictionary there are several related listings. The closest one that matches my idea of the word is "truth or faith in a person or thing." I believe that when we speak our truth, we become confident people.

We all believe in something. The more conscious we are of those beliefs, the more those beliefs come true for us. Hence dictionary match number two for my idea of confidence - "a feeling of assurance." If we have faith in our beliefs, then those beliefs become our truths. As we begin to practice always coming from our point of truth, we gain that self assurance that is confidence.

If we are not conscious of our beliefs, our subconscious will project that which it holds. It may be the beliefs of our parents, or siblings, or whomever may have had influence in our life. If those ideas are negative, or fearful, then our subconscious will project these unconscious beliefs (negativity or fear.)

We are perceived by others by how we present ourselves. If we are conscious of our appearance to others, then we can choose to be confident. If we are not conscious, then our subconscious will project whatever, and this may change depending on the situation or the environment we may be in.

I say all this to say that people are attracted to confident people. I am attracted to confident people.

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