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3/22/2006 12:31 pm

I have fucked 6 or 7 women, made love to 15 or 16, yet it carries on getting better?. Fucking is good, but equates to a one night stand, or a snatched moment against a pubwall.
I prefer making love with someone I am getting to know, even if the relationship only lasts a short period.
I love the challenge of getting to know a body, getting to know what makes my girl go wet...............
My favourite is the fanny shaved, or groomed very short. Just so the vulva sticks out.
Love horny bums, love breasts that respond to my breath or kiss.
Love that musky exciting smell only a randy women wanting cum can give. Give me the smell, and I'll give you a dirty horny scenario for you to listen too, while you close your eyes, and I wank you slowly.
And me? It's funny, as i get older, my orgasm's get longer and more memorable. If I am making love now, my thighs start shaking, and I start groaning.....I feel that magic sap rise, and for that precious 2 or 3 seconds, am as vulnerable as hell. To keep that sap rising, I'd sell my soul and house!
And then it's there, it shoots, I suck in my breath, my legs stop shaking, and I am whispering my lovers name.
God life's good isn't it?[
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