Ah yes . . .  

torbaycouple 53M/52F
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4/22/2005 3:00 am

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Ah yes . . .

. . the blog. *thinking MUST remember* Well we have been away on holiday for a while so that's a bit of an excuse LOL

Last Saturday night we ventured out to a popular local haunt at about dusk. A quiet drive in the countr. You know the kind of thing *grin* Needless to say it was our most popular dogging adventure to date even though we didn't manage any extra participation (this time).

The place was quite busy when we arrived even though it was still quite light. A few people standing out chatting. A motor caravan that would come in very handy for someone we're sure. Half a dozen parked cars with single guys in plus a few others slowly cruising by.

We parked up, smoked the obligatory ciggie, watched and waited for a while before 'urges' took over and we got down to action. F began one of her spectacular BJ's which immediately brought out the occupier of the car immediately adjacent to us. This was then obviously the signal for the rest of the punters to get in on the act 'cos within seconds the car was surrounded by over a dozen guys enjoying every second of F's display.

Spurred on by the attention we soon moved on to full blown fuck reveling in the knowledge that a dozen cocks were stirring outside. Not that it mattered 'cos all thoughts had turned to activity inside the car and we could've been performing in front of 80,000 at the Millenium for all we cared. (now, THERE'S a thought!)

F exploded in an huge orgasm accompanied by T shooting deep inside her and as we slowly came down from the stratosphere we'd been occupying for the the previous 20 minutes or so, we're sure we heard what sounded like a round of applause. Surely not LOL!

Finally we straightened ourselves out, still attracting a number of observers who obviously enjoyed watching F putting her clothes back on as much as they did watching her take 'em off. As we drove away, at least one car followed us, presumably to see if there was to be a second act. Well, there was . . . but that took place in a more private setting . . More's the pity *grin*

Thanks everyone who was there. If that's you, send us a mail?


NOTE : There's always a moral isn't there? If there'd been fewer guys around and we hadn't been so swamped we'd DEFINATELY have encouraged some of the spectators to join in but the sheer number of admirers was just too overwhelming (at least this time anyway). Not sure what the answer is at this particular spot anyway 'cos it's soooo popular but maybe next time if everyone wasn't quite so mob handed, someone's far more likely to get lucky! Quandary for the day *smile*

karlandgingerbit 51M/F
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11/6/2005 2:42 am

can i ask did you lock car doors? and wash the car down the next day lol

hitmanher 57M/52F
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1/13/2006 8:19 am

hi could we be realy cheeky, weve tryed this dogging but have had no joy, weve driven to the places that dogging goes on. but nope nothing. could you let us no where about all the fun takes place.


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