complete pleasure  

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4/17/2006 7:41 pm
complete pleasure

The afternoon sun filters through the chocolate linen curtains and falls on the white sheets and across her thigh. It was still and on the hot side of warm in the room, I want to turn the fan on but I also wanted her to be warm… and not to cover herself. We had spent several weeks talking on the phone and had gone on a couple of dates. This unseasonably warm spring afternoon as we lay on the bed she feels comfortable enough to get down to her tee-shirt and panties. The promise of slow afternoon walk in the park was fading in my mind.

“What about a soft massage?” I asked.

“Sure, you got me this far…” she smiled.

I reached over and opened the cabinet and got the sweet almond oil. It has virtually no scent at all and works great as a base for essential oils. In a small bowl I put a small amount of the almond oil and then 4 drops Peppermint Oil, 2 drop Frankincense, and 4 drops Lemon oil. This mixture has an energizing effect that helps warm the skin and increase blood flow.

She turned over on her back and pealed her shirt off, still shy. I took my shirt off and thought about, stripping my boxers off but decided to wait and climbed on the bed beside her. I dipped my fingers in the oil and lightly trailed them on her back until I had enough to start. Her shoulders are tight… the Trapezius muscles close to the center of her back are tight and knotted. Her lower back is relaxed, that’s good. I focus on the job at hand but it’s difficult. Her skin is soft, and the oil makes it softer, the sent and the warmth and my effort quickly draw a sweat. I can smell the oils and my perspiration as one bead rolls off my brow down my nose and drips onto her back.

Her low moans tell me that I’m getting the right spots and I can feel her knots release, under my fingers. I focus on long strong strokes and slide my hands from the top of her back down to the base of her spine pealing her panties back a bit with each stroke. The sun falls on her tan line and I’m amazed that her skin can be any whiter, it glows. With her back muscles soft and pliable I move down to her feet and begin working my way up. I focus attention on her feet touching firmly and working the arch, stretch the toes, and flex the feet to stretch the calves.

Up to her calves and the backs of her knees, I’ve really worked up a sweat and am beginning to breathe harder. I’ve also become very hard as my hands slide up her thighs and close to her. Her moans have gotten so deep and regular I had not noticed, but I noticed that she spread her legs as I got closer to her and that there was a wet spot on her panties. As my hands got closer I came within inches of her clit and could feel her slide down closer to my hands as I stroked up closer and closer to her.

Finally I let my hand softly brush across her and felt a shiver shimmer through her body and a little scream escape her lips. It sounded like someone who was touched by someone shuffling their feet across the carpet. I felt the spark too, and touched her again.

“Take them off dammit!” she growled at me “I need you to touch me!”

How could I refuse?

I pealed the panties down as she rolled over onto her back and saw that her mound had been manicured into a nice neat line. I lowered my face down to her clit and lightly licked her hard cherry pit. Lemons and warmth gushed into my mouth and I slid my tongue down to part her lips and tasted more lemon, more soft warmth. Her voice was higher now, pleading for me to hurry. I licked, I sucked, I drove my fingers into her stroking her soft g-spot. Her legs were locked tight around my face.

“Faster, dammit, come on, Faster!” She yelled at me. “FUCK Me, SUCK me!”

I worked my tongue faster on her clit, and sucked on it; I slipped a third finger into her and sped up my stroke. Her breath came harder and faster as she came closer to ‒ she arched her back and screamed “YES ‒ FUCK YESSSSSSSS ‒ OH GOD YES!” Her legs tightened around my head again and I just rode her with my mouth sucking and my fingers fucking. It must have lasted 45 seconds or so.

My face was drenched in her juices and it was all I could do to breath but good god it felt good. God, how her juices flowed into my mouth and warmed my soul. The feeling of providing such complete pleasure is unlike anything else.

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