I think I need a new job...  

toplessbunny 40F
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1/24/2006 7:24 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I think I need a new job...

Hi fellow bloggers!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic day...mine, well, I think i need a new job. I called into work today. So bad i know, but I just was not into it. Don't get me wrong, I am a completely responsible professional who would NEVER ususally do something like this, but lately i just have not felt satisfied.

My desire, commitment and dedication is all gone. This is aweful. I have been wanting to start my own business but don't know what type of business I want. Since I like sex so much maybe I should look into the sex business. I will become a porn star...or something. Na, I hate the way I look on camera.

Guess I will just have to bite the bullet and transfer to another department. Do you all have any ideas on the type of business I could start up? Some of my interests OTHER THAN SEX are wedding coordination, music (I sing, play piano and learning guitar) interior design, of course banking and don't forget partying. Sorry that is not much to go on...


Bill_TX 47M

1/24/2006 1:52 pm

Hi Topless,
Calling in to work sick huh!
I think we all have done it before, sometimes you just can't go in.
What kind of background do you have for starting a business?
There are a myriad of ways to make money these days.
Start by listing your interest(s), it doesn't matter if you can't foresee a way to make money at it, just list it for now.

Message me and we can talk some more on getting you up and running

I too have the affliction of being horny 24/7.
I beat off during lunch today, even though I got some last night.
The wife just can't keep up with me.
Maybe we can help each other through the Hard Times(pun intended)

Brian in San Antonio
I live NE San Antonio
Where R U?

nightnsa 48M  
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1/24/2006 2:56 pm

anything medical is good...service indusry..the city and state offers free business classes on setting up your own busniess.i will have to find the web site...here in SA it is held at the UTSA downtown campus.....if you decide to go the porn star route let me know ..i want to be in the movie with you...lol

SAtongueStud 35M

1/25/2006 8:49 am

Well, if you're into music and partying and coordination (and are good at all of them) you might try looking into the local music scene. Depending on your musical taste, there are gobs and gobs of concerts, shows, venues, local bands, etc, that are in need of excellent event coordination, production, promotion, etc. It's not a walk in the park, but if you really enjoy it, it can be very rewarding. I haven't frequented those circles of late, but I did when I first got out of college. I've taken a different type of advertising sector for myself as event marketing frustrates me.

The thing to remember is that starting a business is a serious endeavor. It is not something to be jumped into blindly. Plan on at least a year to get started up and to have cash reserves for 1-2 years where you take NO SALARY AT ALL. That's reserves for both your personal life and your business. It takes that long to build up your reputation, especially since so much of San Antonio's culture is word of mouth in regards to any business.

Of course, it could just be that it's that time of year. Everyone is depressed after the holidays and discontent with their jobs when no holidays loom close. Every day this week I've been counting the days until my vacation (10 days left!) for precisely that reason. I still recommend drawing up a preliminary business plan for future reference - it'll be a good mental exercise, and when you're done, go fuck your man stupid as a reward!


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