Well, it made ME laugh  

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Well, it made ME laugh

If you are French and reading this, please substitute the words containing "French" to Italian.. thank-you. (On the advice of my solicitor and to further enhance international entente cordiale)

Two French paratroopers were seconded to the SAS (Seals for those Americans amongst us) for special training.
After the first day they met up in the bar. "Ahh Pierre (Luigi for the French - oh now they think it is Luigi for the Italians.. oops)," asks one, "ow av you been doing?"
"Merde!" (is that the same in Italian??) answers Pierre. "I av ad a mos terrible day.. Terrible! At seex zis morning I was woken by zis beeg airy sergeant. E dragged me out of bed and on to zee parade ground"
"And zen what appened?" inquires his mate.
" I wheel tell you what appened! E made me climb urp zis silly leetle platform five feet off zee ground and zen e said "JUMP!"."
"And did you jump?" asks his mate
"I did NOT. I told im - I am a French paratrooper. I do not jump five feet. It is beneass my dignity."
"And zen what appened?" asks his mate.
"Zen e made me climb up zis silly leetle platform ten feet off ze ground and e say "JUMP!!""
"And did you jurmp?" asks his mate.
"I did NOT. I told im - I am a French paratrooper (paratroopairrrr?) It is beneass my dignity to jurmp ten feet."
"what appened zen?" asks his mate
"Zen he made me climb urp zis rickety platform a undred feet above the parade ground.
E undid his trousairs, took out zis enormous willy and e said: "If you don't jump, I am going to stick zis right up your burm!"
"Ooooooo" SAys his mate. "And did you jump?"
"A leetle, at ze beginning"

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