Just thinking about this..which could be dangerous  

topekatop2 59M
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5/20/2005 12:31 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Just thinking about this..which could be dangerous

I have to wonder why the men in Kansas are so reluctant to post their pictures on their profile. I guess it's because there is so much prejudice around here, that they fear being found out, and that their livelyhoods may be jeopardized. I live in Topeka. The capital city. And I've met some great guys, but I had to go to the "secret" places to meet them, which, to be honest, wasn't bad. But I would much rather meet them in a social setting.
One thing about Kansas is that it's a state where you are brought up by the "Tradition". That is, You grow up, are expected to play "boy" things, ie..Tonka trucks and army guys killing each other. I wasn't like that. But i sure was encouraged to. When high school came, and puberty set in, I saw a naked man for the first time, and oh my God, I could not hide the boner that popped up! Same thing happened when I saw a pretty girl naked. But moreso with the guys. I come from a farm famiily, where the 'norms' are expected. Drink beer, get drunk, so stupid things, chase the girls/women, and talk about how drunk you got the next day. Just didn't seem to appeal to me. Guess I'm weird. But nowadays, I think it's pretty clear to my family that I am not in the 'norm' way. They are too reluctant to approach me about men and women relationships, probably because I have some of both. Let them keep guessing!

no_strings_grrl 44F

5/20/2005 1:42 pm

Try living in North Carolina, dude. I lived in Leavenworth, KS for 3 years and found it to be a RELIEF from the narrow-minded, redneck mentality of Winston-Salem. Bible-Belt USA!

I'm going through a pretty tough break up right now, and as usual, I find that almost no one recognizes the legitimacy of my relationship, much less my pain.

Being queer can really suck sometimes, even if you are well adjusted. The only thing that makes it all worth while is, of course, THE PUSSY! (Can I get a hell yeah, people?!?)

OK, maybe not.


10/1/2006 5:09 pm

Everything that has been said I too feel the same way. I was a close ted cd for most of the life. Totally afraid to show my real feelings and desires. My wife would never accept me the few times I dressed as my feminine side, yelled and screamed at me for not being the "normal" husband. Called me all kinds of names and swore that if I ever dressed and she found out, she would ruin my career, reputation, and divorve me. So, I went deep into the closet and stayed there until revently. I got tired of being afraid and alone and am now venturing out to certain groups, that I feel will accept me. We are still married and I keep everything hidden. I only want to be what I am a submissive who wants to please and enjoy life as such. Kansas and Fred Philps are the same as far as I am concerned - narrow minded and totally in the 1800s in their sexal thinking.

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