Influence of the Elements...  

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5/21/2006 7:40 pm

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Influence of the Elements...

I wrote this one about a year ago Let me know if you like it!!

Sitting on the edge of my bed-
Desire! Is the only thing I could feel.

Pencil and paper in my hand, doodling the explicit images that project in my mind.

Outside my window, I watch as the snow falls wildly and untamed; indecisive of which way to land- reminding me of my very own passion.

At this point I would send my passion out into the elements, resting wherever it decides to land.

Upon touching the skin of my host, I melt instantaneously- becoming one with it.

I move as they move; think as they think; breathe as they breathe- or so I think.

We move as one, our bodies are entangled in a lust so fierce that our unison is the only feasible answer.

He thrusts/I thrust; I lick/he licks; suck/suck; moan/moan-ooohhh on & on this savory union is played out.

Heat rises to temperatures unknown by normal human experiences. Every inch of flesh burns with this sensual desire- stroke/stroke!

Fingernails claw at sweat bathed skin; breathing intensifies, becoming a shallow and sharp symphony of sounds- faster/faster.

Heartbeat races at untraceable speeds unknown even to the Indy 500.

Our moans resemble the howl of the wind from which I found you


Body heat returns to normal, heartbeats slows to
residential speeds.

Our entangled bodies unwind, and then just as suddenly as I drifted in on my host-I drift away

Swept back into the elements- still full of insatiable passion.

But instead of flowing to another host, I find my way back to my perch; Back in front of my window; Back on the edge of my bed.

Pencil and paper in hand- doodling graphic images and wishing…

Wishing I could be swept up into the elements I see dancing outside my window

TTMS 1/19/05

rm_a_real_nice1 59M
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5/21/2006 9:39 pm

Very nice. Thanks for sharing it with us. Welcome to AF.

AfroLaTinoKing 48M
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3/12/2007 9:50 am

It was wonderful, just wonderful. When are you going to write more? happym;

SumFunTimes4U2 47M

10/12/2007 11:13 am

Thunderous! Luv it!

shortlittleguy69 51M
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1/28/2011 3:23 am


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