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1/19/2006 11:40 pm

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I 've always looked up to that. Always had an admiration for the people who were on the 'Most Popular Blogs' list. Some of them are now my online friends. And having 'met' them, I can say my admiration is even stronger. It takes considerable talent and a lot of hard work to be up there... especially for a long time.

Naturally, I had lots of questions about how this list is constructed. Again I found the answer... [post 207756] is where you 'll find it too.

And once again, my many thanks to GoddessOfTheDawn...

Efilnikufecin69 47M

1/20/2006 3:48 am

I raise my glass!

caressmewell 53F

1/20/2006 4:47 am

She is a sweetheart.

toothysmile 50M
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1/20/2006 2:19 pm

Yes, but so are you my sweet... ...

toothysmile 50M
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1/20/2006 2:21 pm

Yes! A toast!... I second that (e)motion!...

Thanks for stopping by efil......

toothysmile 50M
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1/20/2006 2:24 pm

Yes. She is. And her knowledge on these thingies is impressive. A tutor to us all...

toothysmile 50M
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1/20/2006 11:39 pm

......of course... no doubt about it...

amakamaria 36F
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6/8/2008 7:47 am

There was once a time when you were at the top of that list aswell!!! Oh where oh where has my toothysmile gone... where oh where can he beeeeee... trust me be glad you can not hear me singing!!!
~ peace, love and unity~

"We believe what we experience, but we often forget that we experience what we believe."

toothysmile replies on 4/27/2009 5:29 pm:
are you suggesting i should come back?... lol...
luv. hugs. kisses.

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