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8/3/2005 6:32 pm

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Story Break lol


This was just too good to keep to myself any longer!!!

The last couple of months seemed like an eternity since I’d seen him. Those last few hours together before he left were more relaxing than ever. I even caught him watching me doze. I won’t ever forget that smile, or how good that moment felt.
And now, after so long a wait to see his face, feel his touch, I felt shivers run through my body. When I read his letter saying he was coming home, I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t really think I’d see him again until spring, when he’d finished his work. But yet, he still wanted to see me while he could.
Was I eager?? Hell yeah!!!!! I even did my happy booty dance. And talk about anticipation!! I could barely contain myself.
After chatting a couple times, he said he could stay the night with me. Boy, this just kept getting better!
It’s nearly impossible to describe the feeling I had when he got here. It just felt soooooooo right. He came up behind me, arms wrapping around me so that he might find the breasts that longed for his touch. So gentle was the touch, and yet it felt so passionate. He drove me wild with his kisses and nibbles along my neck and shoulders, whispers in my ear telling me just how much he’d missed this. I was trembling from head to toe when, at last, he tilted my head back, and took my breath with his kiss. I could taste his need, his hunger, was willing to give him anything he wanted, just as long as he kept kissing me.
I was actually whimpering more than panting when he led me to the sofa. As he sat, I straddled him cock so he could have access to my breasts. Clothes came off in frustrated jerks as our need increased. He sucked and bit my nipples until he’d brought me completely to orgasm. And I still needed him, needed to feel him inside, wanted to taste his juices as he shoots. So that’s what I went for first. His oh so hard cock!! Truly a mouthful, and I loved it. I’ve always loved to suck his cock. And then lick and suck his balls, striking that chord in him that drives him crazy, making him even harder, if there could be anything harder. Running my tongue back up, making swirls as I went, I teased and licked, alternating between cock and then balls, then back to cock. I soon had him begging.
He had me mount him and ride him like the stud he is. I was so hot I nearly came the moment he slid in. It felt so hot, so passionate!! The hunger took over my senses as I rode him, fucking him, feeding him hard nipples. Expressing our needs, wants, desires, in essence driving each other closer and closer to the edge. But I was gone far beyond the edge. I’d already had multiple orgasms, felt the quaking of each earth shattering orgasm.
I wanted to taste him too. Wanted to taste my own cum as I licked and sucked him into oblivion. I began to deep throat and aggressively suck, not letting go, even though he began to writhe. That just made it better!! I sucked even harder, paying extra attention to the head with my tongue. I had no idea his cock could get even bigger, but as I felt it pulse, knowing he was getting close, he got so big I wasn’t sure I could keep it inside until he came. My solution. . .swallow his cock down as far as I could. I felt his cum hit the back of my throat time and again. And I swallowed it all, licking and sucking his still hard cock until I was satisfied that I’d gotten every drop.
Afterwards, we very carefully went up the stairs on shaking legs, and into the bedroom. There, we proceeded to fuck and suck each other senseless. So many positions, sometimes gentle, but always ending up in a passionate pounding. We just couldn’t get enough of each other. Each time we relaxed, one of us would touch the other. That’s all it would take. That’s all it ever takes. A touch.
I’d given up trying to keep up with where the first orgasm started and where the last ended. I just know the night ended far too soon. And voicing the fact that I could get used to nights like this only received a smile and a slight scolding. I knew what I’d get. Just like I knew he had to leave. So did I. Life goes on.
But when he comes back again, it’ll be just as hot, just as passionate. I never get tired of him. And just the thought of his return gets me wet!!!

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