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3/22/2006 11:53 pm

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Well I have gone and done it...I have created a blog. I figured that if I am going to create a profile on this site, I might as well put togther my very first blog on it. I have been a member for only about a week now but there is definetly one thing that I have found since coming on here, and believe me not in the way I have wanted to cum on here so far...Alot of the women profiles on here are fakes. You write them and they next day you get a cookie cutter response back. Something that just screams to you, "I am not a real human being responding to you, your not even worth one true sentence from me but I will give you two paragraphs of Authentic BS and hopefully will get you to join another site where you just might get my number to be able to call me." But of course you find that "her number" is nothing more then one of those you can get off the tv if you stay up late enough.
We are all adults on this site for a reason, one way or another. Maybe some are desperate, some are lonely, some are scandalous and some just want some discretion in their private lives. Either way the one real reason that brings us all here is SEX . We just are not getting enough of it to satisfy our cravings and are looking for ways to release our inner desires.
Here is to hoping that there are at least a few real females out there and hoping that some live near me of course...LOL. Till next time that I need to drop another nugget of truth on you, just remember if you shake it more then twice then your playing with it and there is nothing wrong with that!

rm_cassandraj 53F
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3/23/2006 12:32 am

This is a blog from a real live woman. I have met lots of women on this site who are real fair dinkum people.
I have never had any experience with the phone number thingies - perhaps they only prey on you men.

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