A great adventure  

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10/31/2005 6:19 am

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A great adventure

My first threesome adventure was quite interesting. I had been looking to have one for a while and had browsed the internet sites for a couple who was looking to have a threesome, when I got a reply. This couple was interested in getting together and wanted to know if I would like to join them. I was shocked, and excited at the thought but wasn't sure if I could actually go through with it. After some convincing, I overcame my shyness and agreed.

We were to meet at a local hotel room. They had already gotten the room and I was to meet the man in front of the office. When he came up to me, I was a bit nervous ... we introduced ourselves and then headed up to the room. Once there, I was introduced to the woman and they told me to get naked and they were going to do the same. When I turned around I was in a state of shock ... they were both in these S & M costumes: leather straps and the man began spanking the woman on the ass with a crop. I was getting a bit turned on, but what really got me going was when he started to spank her pusshy lightly with the crop too. She started to cum right then and there.
Then they signalled me to join. It wass quite awkward for me at first, but as things got going, I found the groove and pretty soon we were all enjoying the sensations.

Afterwards, we had lunch and then we went on our seperate ways. WE tried to hook up again on a couple of other occasions but could never get the schedule to work out.

It was a real adventure though, I'll tell you that!

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