Once again, it's been a while.  

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5/23/2006 1:34 am

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Once again, it's been a while.

Well once again it has been a while since I've posted, or even looked around on this site. There are a couple inherent problems when that happens.

One-People who blog regualarly throw me way out of whack cause even though I try to read them all, it gets really tough!! So many great blogs I've missed out on!

Two-Unfortunate things are noticed when you visit after a while and this time it's pretty rough. One of those was a girl on this site I really wanted to add to my friend list, found out was declined Perhaps cause I was away maybe? But worse, one of my fav bloggers looks like she may have called it quits.
Lustgoddess' last post I saw seemed rather disturbing.

I commented a thought, and would like to share with you guys what you think. When something really bad happens (and a "love" disappointment can be rough to take) they say that time is a gentleman. But just how much time is needed? It's been almost a year and a half since the girl I loved more than life itself just up and left. It certainly has been difficult for me, and even though I still think about that (mostly the why part) I guess I am better off now than say a few months ago. One girl told me a while ago that depending on how long you're with someone, when it ends badly it takes roughly the same timelength to get over that person.


I'll be damned if I'm gonna suffer for almost 4 years, but it seems like it all happened yesterday and twas almost a year and a half.
Anyways hang in there and don't get too depressed when shit hits you in the face. It happens to other people too, and more than likely it will happen to you again to some degree.

In other news, other than fucking work...I'm having my heart set on this girl who comes into my work sometimes. We talk whenever she comes in, and she is really nice, and OMFG SHE'S FUCKING HOT! Like I said I've got jitters from being fucked over from my ex which is throwing off my game!! Not to mention if I get with her in particular I'd try for the relationship thing again, which ruins the point of me getting on this site. DOH!

Anyways I have to ask this girl out but I keep letting jitters and profesionalism (you know me being at work) keep me from doin it. Any suggestions to help me untuck my balls from my ass and move on this girl!!

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