Another post about...breasts  

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5/23/2006 1:53 am

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Another post about...breasts

That last post bummed me out and didn't want to leave on that note. So I'll make a quick post about...BREASTS!

BREASTS - are speed bumps on the way down. sure bigger breasts are "interesting" but a huge time waster for what I like to do out!

BREASTS - are used as one more device to put a guy down when a girl can't think of anything else to argue about and bring's up the "if another girl was just like me but had bigger breasts" who would you take...

BREASTS - are great for cumming on!

BREASTS - are great for sliding you're dick in between too! Although I sometimes wonder why? The fact that you're actually doin it, the fact that she doesn't mind it and knows it turns you on, it actually gives her pleasure?, who knows.

BREASTS - are fickle creatures. For some reason it is wrong to grope them, squeeze them, or have them move around to quickly, or suck on them in general. But when FUCKING breasts are all of a sudden more than happy to be bucking around like broncos doing all of the above, and said owner doesn't even mind then.

BREASTS - make great pillows!

BREASTS - next to pillows are also great to wear on face.

BREASTS - are something that if I had...I'd never leave the house!!

tonguerocka69 40M
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5/23/2006 4:41 pm

And any of you guys are more than welcome to stop by and give me hell anytime!!

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