Tom the man with the tool  

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12/24/2005 6:10 am

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Tom the man with the tool

my mom was out of town, so my friends and i threw the party of a the century, we were doing the dog, i was knocking back the jelly shots laced with gin, drinking the brandy like it was water , the music was blasting, i was a wild thing, as we moved over to the pool table this guy we call shysurfer just kept watching me it was creepy but exciting , as i placed the beer bottle in my mouth just licking the rim with my tongue , just gently pulling the head i mean of the bottle in my mouth in and out in and out, as i stared at him, he just smiled , as i made my way to the basement for more beer , i felt someone grab me and i screammed , a voice from behind just said " i know you want me, " as i just smile and said you have no idea, and i jumped him, i just pushed him up against the freezer as i tore his shirt open, he said hey , i said spank me, as he spinned me around and ran his fingers up my skirt,and felt my pussy to see how wet i was, grabing my breast, he asked who's a bad girl, i said you sure you want to know he said yes, i smiled and told him follow me, as i lead him up to my room, i slammed to door and said be right back, , he took it upon himself the take some of his clothes off, as he laid there just smiling, i starting kissing him on the mouth, the ears, neck , chest i pinned his hands down as he smiled, until i slapped the hand cuffs on one hand, he said wait that the , i said hell as i slapped him in the face and glabbed the other hand with the cuff, he said ok thats enough let me go, i said, its only the beginning, he just stared ,i said ,dont worry i wouldnot hurt you yet, you wanted to know whos bad now you will, as he started screamming, i smiled and said your mine now bitch, as kat my pal entered to room, he said help me this bitch is crazy, she just said well im crazier,as she jumped on top him, i just watched ,she just smiled and said ill try not to break it, as she started kissing his chest and making her way down and down as she pulled his boxers with her teeth, she grabbed it and said she has seen bigger but this will have to do, as 1 more friend entered, she said well fresh meat , who is first, as she grabbed his stiff dic licking it , kat said she wanted some to, as both girls were sucking ,and licking both tongues on it at the same time, kats hands just started jerking it up and down up and down, as they licked this stuff that was coming out of it kat starting fingering kimmy as they laid next to one another , they started kissing, as kimmy started sucking on kats breast, going down and down and down, as kat grabbed her head and said right there, kimmy starting sucking kats wet pussy , as she opened it up trying to push her tongue further and further, i felt sick, so i left, i returned about 10 minutes later to find kimmy sitting on his dic riding him,like a mad man and kissing each other , then this guy called tom entered and said ooops wrong door, kat said you want to join the fun, he said hell yes, kimmy said finially a real man as she uncuffed surfer he ran out of there like a bat from hell, then tom asked ladies who's first, as he dropped his pants it was like angels singing a chorus, i have never seen anything so huge , i wonder if he was part man and part horse, i felt sorry for the girls as he asked if me to, i said hell no, as tom made his way to the bed, kat smiled and said me first and kimmy said no me , tom said dont worry there's enough to go around, as kat went first, tom turned her around, giving her it back shot style, as she positioned herself like a dog, tom got behind, feeling her breast then her pussy saying hairy just how he likes them as he slipped his finger in and out in and out, kimmy layed under them with her head down by kats pussy and her legs spread as kat sucked her pussy , tom started slapping her ass with his hands and cock,saying he wanted it nice and stiff for her , then he starting penetrating her i felt sorry for her, as he starting forcing it in and pushing in and out in , tom grabbed her hair and was pushing and pulling it like a mad man, kat was screamming and screamming, yes yes yes oh yes , oh oh it sweet yes ummmm ummmmm, dont stop harder harder, oh yes tom yes, fuck it fuck it tom oh yes ohhhhh, stiffer tom make it stiffer yes harder oh yes dont stop , as he grabbed her and pushed her on the bed, holding both legs , he kept pushing and pushing, like a raging bull, kat screammed it hurting its hurting oh oh oh , tom said , yes take it like a good bitch and pushed it even harder as kat held on to the bed head for dear life, in and out in and out, i wasnot being fucked and i was feeling it, as he dropped her legs and had one in the air he started kissing her passionately then making his way down to her breast, she grabbed his head, as his waist when from an in and out , up and down motion to a circle like one he was like a windmill going round and round, as kat screammed i wasnot sure if it was one of joy or pain, as he proped both legs on his shoulders, just kept pushing and pulling, as kat pushed him off and said her turn now, she started sucking and jerking squeezing and licking , as tom said bite it bite it as kimmy got involved she sat her pussy in tom's face as he laid back he just grabbed her waist as he sucked her pussy like a kid whos trying to eat an icecream on a hot day before it all melts i wondered if he could breathe as kat got on top and started riding him bouncing up and down up and down the music stopped and i heard bottles breaking as i went down stairs it took a while but when i returned everything was over, tom was putting his pants on and kat/and kimmy were begging for more ,
THE END hehehehehe

rm_hardguy453 57M
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12/25/2005 1:23 pm

Great story I enjoyed it very much, I got very hard reading it.
give me more please? ('Tom the man with the tool')Tom the man with the tool.

newbajeguy2005 47M
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12/26/2005 4:17 am

Just like i said with the other story. Great images. Would still like to chat with u.

newbajeguy2005 47M
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12/26/2005 4:44 am

And oh yeah. When is the next story coming. Looking forward with eager anticipation

Sandman1277 34M
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12/26/2005 4:51 pm

Damn,Hollywood's definitely missing a writer,keep the juice cumming....I mean comming girl,

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