I had better  

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12/22/2005 8:17 am

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I had better

i was at a party, with some girls, and we were dancing , this guy came up behind me, just grinding and whinning, as his hands rubbed all over my breast, then downwards to my waist , then hips as he turned me around his face touching mine, as his hands grabed my ass pulling me even closer to him, i just felt this heat inside he, a burning desire, as my heart starting beating faster and faster, i couldnot breathe, as his hard cock was just jumping out his pants trying to get me, i mind said no, but my hairy wet pussy just said take me take me here, as i broke away and ran outside for air, my heart was racing, as i stood, leaned over, holding my chest, wondering what the hell was i thinking, suddenly these hands grabbed my from behind, as my body shivered, my heart was racing, was my breathe my last, did he have a gun, will he shot me, suddenly, i reconized that familiar smell, the smell, of old spice, as his hands ran up my skirt, my pussy became like this leaky fosset, it just got wetter and wetter, as he turned me around, with a passionate kiss, as he pushed me on a near by car, i spread my legs without a doubt, as he just riped my panties off , i wanted him like i never wanted anything, as he riped my shirt open, sucking and squeezing on my 34 b breast, i felt like a genie in a bottle about to be released, as him huge, thick hard cock penetrated my poor little pussy, in and out in and out, as he spread my legs, just pushing and pushing, as i grabed his back pulling him deeper and deeper inside me,as he started breathing heavy and heavier, only god could help him when i was finsihed with him grrrrrrrr, as i took my legs from around his waist and panted them on his shoulders, i pushed him of, and turned around, as he took to long to just put it in , i grabed it and found the whole myself, as i layed face down on the car top, one hand grabing my hair,and the other spanking my ass, asking who's your dady, who's your daddy, i wanted it rough and hard, but he was not pleasing me, so i grabed him, dragging him by him stiff cock, to a near by alley, by some wood boxes, as i pushed him down, and starting riding, i was like a cowboy on a raging bull, i always wanted a pony, as i went up and down , up and down, slapping him in the face asking who's the bitch now, as he grabed, my waist sucking on my breast, i was i like a mad man, as i told him, im going to break this off, he just said break it baby break it, i squeezed my legs tighter around him, as he just said, yes,yes, yes ,oh god, yes im coming, oh yes oh, oh, oh, oh ,i was just breaking it off, this genie was out of the bottle and never going back, i just kept going up and down, up and down, just praying his dic would get bigger, i felt like a bully unfairing a smaller kid, when i got off and turned around sitting on it backing him, as one of his hands held one leg in the air, the other tight around my waist, i just started breaking if off, i had all intentions of killing him with my pussy that night, as he started breathing with shorts breathes, and whispering, yes ,yes, harder, harder, yes, right there, yes, oh baby yes i like that ,yes, im coming, oh oh , im coming, i just starter going harder and harder, faster and faster, as he got stiffer and stiffer, this cock was mine and i wasnot about to let go, as he swinged me back around facing him, he said, this is yours break it baby break it he didnot have to tell me twice as i unleashed the animal in me, and started riding him like the pony i always wanted, the amount of fiction coming from my pussy to his dic, would of burned a whole forest down, as i did it rougher and rougher, his eyes just rolled back in his head, for a moment there i thought he was dead, and then i was done, the fuck of a life time done, and i hadnot yet even come,as he asked how was that, i just said i have had better and just walked off disappointed and still horny then my nephew woke me up and say i was time for breakfast
THE END hehehehehe

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1/1/2006 4:29 am

Just as astounding as the others. I would like to personally experience that imagination. Just add my name in either of the two popular messengers

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