We are today of our tomorrows and yesterday........  

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8/14/2006 4:50 am

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We are today of our tomorrows and yesterday........

I knew very early in life that i was not like other lil' girl's who carried crushes on cute lil' boy's. The age of five had me hugging my favorite Tweety and Sylvester coloring book, along with my box of eight primary Big Crayons. Skipping into the playground, ponytail bouncing along in happy hopes of coloring Tweety with Mrs. Patterson my kindergarten teacher. I remember being the lil' student who actually brought freshly polished shiney apples and seedless oranges.

I can even recollect holding my blankey as i slept on my nap sack nearest to her desk. The scent of her shampoo and perfume to this day visit me uninvited. The perfume that she wore is still mass produced today, has to be. I mean there are times a woman can walk by me and my sense of smell will involuntarily ask , ' Mrs. Patterson? '

Who could forget the commercial LEGGS.. and its jingle >>>" our leggs fit your legs ,they hug you, they hold you, they never let you goooo, Ive got Leggs!"... and NAIR......" who wears short shorts, we wear short shorts, Nair for short shorts you should wear short shorts toooooooooo!!"........ These particular 1970's advertisments have Mrs. patterson inlaid all over them. I use to tickle her legs, my lil tiny hands resting on her calves feeling the sheer of her panty hose.I remember saying , " mama's legs feel like this too" when she would sit with the class in our creative circle so that we could finger paint. She smiled replieing," your mother must use Leggs." ( Lol ) she was rite, mom did. - ...... Wow been awhile since my last Mrs. Patterson memory.

My girlfriends from elementary to high school all had a hand in flourishing my tomboyness. My first kiss was with Cindy a cheerleader, a long time childhood friend. There in her walk in closet she slipped her hands into my 501 levi pockets pulling me close asking, if i still had an earlier note from class. Her manicured hands searched every pocket leaving me with rabbit ear's. As i hurriedly tucked my pockets back into my jeans she leaned forward kissing me. The small teenage gesture turned into my first full mouth kiss with a girl.

The feel of her tongue parting my lips ending the innocent peck, sent shuddering waves thru me. The feel of her tongue warm,soft and unsure induced a grunt that brought her deeper into me. I lost it. I moaned louder taking what she wanted to give me. She tried to complete the kiss though my newly found hormones said, ' fuck that!' I held her there until she spoke to me between breaths. The first time a female had ever whimpered my name. I was hooked, intoxicated and entranced. It was her mother walking into the bedroom calling for dinner that caused our stillness.Silently waiting staring wide-eyed into one another we heard the closing of her door.There underneath the light of her closet surrounded by her shoes, clothing,pom-poms and Jr. high school memorabilia i found my first true experience.

rm_Playmate_MN 78M

8/14/2006 6:07 am

What an awesome story ... I can understand and relate to those feelings ... life is always much more than any "body" could possibly ever hope to imagine ... thank you for being you ... obviously unique and very special ....

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8/14/2006 4:11 pm

That's it...wheres the rest of the story..(lol)The words you write/speak have always been quite descriptive and yet powerful in wanting the reader/viewer and listener to know more about the topic at hand... or a mere wanting to get to know more about you and your life endeavours. You have always been able to allow ppl to feel and actually be at that precise time and moment when such events occured in your life..soo in saying all this...unique and special indeed you are..

P.S. haha i remember the leggs commercial (lol)

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