Unhappy Halloween?  

toiletslave1967 49M
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5/13/2005 12:31 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Unhappy Halloween?

Well to all you Gorgeous Potential Mistresses out there who want some action from an English Toilet Slave such as I, I howl for you.

Since my 1st blog I have had some interesting times here and there, but nothing remarkably fulfilling in the intimate sense as yet. So with another party-fuelled occasion almost upon us I wonder if this year will it will go past me once again without taking me under it's intoxicating spell.

How incredible it seems that the more dating sites I register with, the less action I get. In fact the only web contact that reaches me is from Russian birds by various means who say they are ready to marry me, but haven't even spoken to me on the phone, then fly from my courtyard (once they read my emails) on seeing how small my wingspan (lack of success in life) is.

All I have ever wanted as a soulmate anyhow is a Welsh Gothic Sexual Roleplaying Wonderful Rich Witch preferably one who is ex-catholic or buddhist and doesn't believe in divorce as I have always fantasised about having the most exquisite wedding and reception for many years. Okay I realise she may be literally a tall order, but my soul is the epitomy of the nearly 40 year old virgin so why not?

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