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3/17/2006 7:13 pm

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More Technological Mysteries

Sometimes, I just have to wonder, what in the hell is going on!

4:45 - Logged into work, through VPN at home and tried to download VS 2005 Pro from MS. Estimated delivery time 7+ hours at 104 KB/sec. This is ridiculous, I said. Maybe I can get it faster if I bypass the company network.

5:12 - Logged in on my PC and started the download. Holy shit, a whopping 15 KB/sec rate estimated to end sometime on Thursday, 2007! I couldn't find anything else using internet connectivity. I could do better with dial-up.

5:20 - Let it go a few minutes to see if it picks up.

5:35 - Hell no! Did Time-Warner sell me Road Runner or Wyl E. Coyote with an ACME RG6 cable? Cancel the download. Now reboot, or IPL as Doug says.

5: 45 - Restart the download. Lo and behold, 616 KB/sec, 1 hour and 18 minutes, wonderful. That's QUITE an improvement.

6:00 - Everything is still looking good. Think I'll send a note to Ed and brag about this blazing internet speed!

6:05 - Check it one more time before I send this note. Mother fuckin son of a three legged goat. Up and down between 15 & 30 KB/sec. What the fuck is going on - again!!!

6:14 - The GD phone is ringing. I hate telephones. They never ring when you're bored out of your skull, only when your busy or trying to take a shit. It's Max, the guy who gave me the crossbow book (crossbow, huhm, CSI can't trace arrows can they? Never mind.), he's at the airport on the way to London. Have a good trip and bring me something from England. In the mean time, I'll sit here and curse Time-Warner, Microsoft, Al Gore, and all the left-wing liberals that I'm sure have something to do with this...

6:20 - Well fuck me a runnin'! I can't believe the luck. The speed's up to around 50KB/sec, should finish sometime this year, at least.

6:38 - Spoke too soon. 20 - 30 KB/sec. One or more of my neighbors must have found a good stash of porno to download. That, or the NSA has planted some kind of spyware on my PC that sends everything I download to some lab in Wheeling.

6:47 - No change in speed. Time to take drastic, temporary measures like killing Spybot, Norton and every other process that looks like it may be grabbing bandwidth. I really don't expect any improvement. I'll let you know.

7:04 - Well, Norton won't let you close anything. How I got Itunes loaded as a service is still a mystery to me. And whatever you do, don't kill svchost.exe by accident or otherwise, even if you do have 8 of them running at the same time!!! Fortunately, after the automatic reboot, or IPL, Microsoft File Transfer Manager was smart enough to pick up where it left off. Maybe I'll take Microsoft off of my hate list for the time being. The download is about 1/3 of the way done now. If I had had to start over, you'd see four letter words you never imagined right now.

7:12 - I think it must be network traffic that's slowing down my transfer. Either on this end with everyone coming home from work and logging on, or all the West coast folks ordering a late lunch.

7:18 - I really have to pee, and my pint is empty. I think I can take care of both at once. Start the Guinness flowing and drain the sea monster at the same time.

7:18:21 - Guess I was wrong. Good thing I can cut it off mid-stream. It's great to be a man!

7:19 - It's great to have a roll of paper towels handy too. At least I don't have carpet in my office.

7:30 - Suddenly it's back up to 616 KB/sec! It must be dinner time on the East coast. I'm starting to get a little hungry myself. It's metz tonight. Hot metz! I may work from home tomorrow.

8:30 - Rodney's on. Screw the download. Be back at 9:00. Oh, wait, it's done already! Just goes to show what a little patience will get you!

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