Work from the top down  

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1/19/2006 5:00 pm

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Work from the top down

I love to stimulate the senses from the top down. I like to start at the neck and shoulders with touch and kisses. Warm kisses and soft caresses. It removes the stress and begins the desire for more.

Work down the arms, hands, legs, feet. Caress them and kiss the goosebumps. Take the time to find out where it feels the best and take time to please.

The breasts and nipples are next. Share off between them. Include everyplace that feels good. Work your way down to the belly. Touching and kissing all the way.

When your partner is ready, then move to the more personal areas. Continue till climax. Then repeat as many times as your partner wants and desires.

Remember your partner is to be served and pleased. If you receive any back, that is just a plus.

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